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Vision and Message of Dean (i/c)

Dr. S. Victor Anandkumar

  • Professor

Welcome to the School of Law’s webpage!

The School was established in 2014-15 to offer high-quality legal education at the postgraduate level. Since its inception, several doyens of Indian legal education have served on the School Board sharing their expertise and giving direction to the School. We started with a single programme – a 1-year LL.M. with three specialization options. Over the years, postgraduate diplomas in Intellectual Property Rights and, Criminology and Forensic Science were introduced to cater to emerging opportunities. During 2021-22, the doctoral research programme was launched. Today, the School boasts of a noteworthy alumni network with many alumni having established successful practice or distinguishing themselves as legal professionals in the industry.

The strength of the School lies in its faculty members. The School is blessed with four full-time faculty members who hail from premier institutions and they bring to the table, rich diversity, varied expertise, wide exposure and strong network with legal academia and the industry. They go the extra mile for students – be it in the classroom or as faculty advisors or in coaching for co-curriculars, placements and campus-wide initiatives.

A unique feature of our Law School is its location inside a large, vibrant, multi-disciplinary university campus. This campus life enables our students to appreciate diversity, promote equity and develop a big, balanced picture of the society in which they will serve and lead. Our international partnerships provide an opportunity for our students to pursue an exchange semester abroad with a tuition fee waiver.

Drawing from the grand vision of Pondicherry University, the vision of the School of Law is … To serve as an enabler of societal transformation through state-of-the-art legal education and research that match global benchmarks by providing access, resources and opportunities with a pan-Indian appeal and global relevance

Stemming from the grand motto of the University, our motto is… Vers la justice (in French) meaning “Towards justice

With a dedicated faculty team, enthusiastic students and supportive administration, the School of Law is poised for growth and primed for exciting times ahead

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Vision and Message of Head (i/c) of the Department

Dr. Gurminder Kaur

  • Assistant Professor

Welcome to the School of Law!

Justice P.N. Bhagwati opined in the infamous Motilal Padampa Sugar Mills v. State of Uttar Pradesh, AIR 1979 SC 621

“Law is not a mausoleum. It is not an antique to be taken down, dusted, admired and put back on the shelf. It is like an old but vigorous tree, having roots in history, yet continuously taking new grafts and putting out new sprouts and occasionally dropping dead wood. It is essentially a social process, the end product of which is justice and hence it must change with changing social values. Otherwise there will be estrangement between law and justice and law will cease to have legitimacy.”

Keeping in mind that Law must never cease to have legitimacy, the law has to stay abreast with what challenges it next, thus, putting the impetus on legal research. Being mindful of this fact, the School of Law offers two research programmes- LL.M. and Ph.D. in Law along with two PG Diplomas namely, PG Diploma in Criminology and Forensic Science and PG Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights.

Dynamic in vision and robust in commitment, the School of Law has traversed a path characterised by excellence in all the aspects of education since its inception. The School of Law constantly endeavors to fine-tune its curriculum and pedagogy to match the requirements of the profession and society by incorporating the latest legal trends in its curriculum. On one hand, the subjects of contemporary relevance and global expectations have been given due space and on the other hand, subjects pertaining to social justice and human rights continue to mark their presence in the academic life of this institution. A team of experienced, earnest and dedicated faculty mentor and guide the students in their intellectual pursuits and groom them to meet the demands of the legal world.

The School of Law strives to remain a valuable contributor to our society and not only the legal fraternity.

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