Examinations Wing


To achive best in class rankings for Pondicherry University, we need to have a perfect and robost system on Examination in place. The Examination Wing is therefore the backbonefor the University. Examintion Wing is dealing with question paper setting, setting supervisors, preparation of exam schedule, evaluation of students, declaration of results, awarding degrees and certificates.
Controller of Examinations

Sadanand G. Swami

Ph : +91-413-2654-204 , 91-413-2655226
Email : coe@pondiuni.ac.in
Deputy Registrar

Dr. A. Saravanan

Ph : +91-413-2654-210
Email : dr1.coe@pondiuni.edu.in


Assistant Registrar (Engineering)

P. Rajasekaran

Ph : +91-413-2654 819
Assistant Registrar (Arts & Science)

Gomathi. V

Ph : +91-413-2654 811
Assistant Registrar (Medical)

K. Sivagurunathan

Ph : +91-413-2654 546
Assistant Registrar (Convocation)

D. Noble Raj

Ph : +91-413-2654 818
Email : ar3.coe@pondiuni.edu.in
Assistant Registrar (Research)
Assistant Registrar (DDE-Exams)
Ph : +91-413-2654513
Assistant Registrar (Finance)

A. Saravanan

Private Secretary

P. Senthil

Ph : +91-413-2654 226
Private Secretary

S. Mathiyvanan

Private Secretary

A. Sagayarani

Section Officer (UG, PG)

S. M. Arasu

Section Officer (Engineering)

K. P. G. Shanthi

Section Officer (Medical)

Marie Jean Balamohan

Section Officer (Finance)

A. Selvaraj

Section Officer (Research, Convocation)

B. Kanchana


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Contact Details

Office : +91-413-2654-226

Mail : psce@pondiuni.edu.in

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