Regulations (Affiliations)

Affiliation Wing (College Development Council) one of the important element in the University administration for controlling the affiliated colleges in the University area. It is in consonance with UGC guidelines, the affiliation wing functioning in the University.

  • A unique  and comfortable place
  • A district  spiritual  vibration
  • Knowledge driven
  • College friendly
  • A Central university established by an act of parliament in 1985.
  • Vibrant and effective leadership/ administration.
  • Located in salubrious, even climate, sprawling campus spread over 780 acres.
  • Easily accessible from Chennai (140 KMs) and Bangalore (320 KMs)..


  • To create interactions with in the affiliated colleges in order to improve and maintain the academic standards envisaged in the Pondicherry University Act and Statutes.
  • To ensure the proper planning and integrated development of affiliated colleges and to provide the colleges necessary help and guidance for raising the academic standard of the colleges and its research activities.
  • To serve as academic guide to the college system and to ensure closer interaction between the academics in the University departments and the faculty in the affiliated colleges.
  • To review the existing facilities and to indentify the needs and gaps that need to be filled for the development of the colleges.
VISION / MISSION: ·      To  enhance synergy between UGC –University& Colleges ·      To stimulate the academic environment for promotion of quality of Higher Educations ·      To encourage self-evaluation, accountability and innovation in higher education.
  • The Affiliation Wing acted as machinery for affiliation and inspection of colleges, laying down of courses of study, conduct examinations etc.,
  • The Affiliation Wing integrated development of affiliated colleges and to provide the colleges necessary help and guidance.
  • The Affiliation Wing (CDC) with active and willing participation of various academic and administrative constituents, as envisaged by the UGC.¨     
  • The Affiliation Wing (CDC) always provide direction of improvement of standards of Higher Education.      The Affiliation Wing always create good coordination between the colleges, University Academic Wing and Controller of Examination Wing.     
  • The Affiliation Wing (CDC) serve as an/and Academic guide to the college system on the one hand/on the other hand to ensure interaction between the academic facilities in the University departments to the teachers in the colleges.
  • The Affiliation Wing (CDC) hold meetings of the college principal’s/Secretaries with a view to apprising them of the ways in which the CDC can function effectively for the development colleges.   The Affiliation Wing (CDC) as a policy making body in regard to proper planning and integrated development of colleges.  
  • The Affiliation Wing (CDC) conduct service of all the affiliated colleges district wise with a view to preparing and maintaining an upto date profile of each college under the University. 
  • The Affiliation Wing (CDC) revising the existing facilities and indentifying the needs and gaps that need to be filled for the development of colleges and make such information available to the UGC and other concerned bodies.   
  • The Affiliation Wing (CDC) advise the University all the matters relating to development of affiliated colleges, such as provision of adequate facilities.
  • The Affiliation Wing (CDC) advise the University in regard to rationalization and implementation of University’s policy on affiliation of colleges.
  • The Affiliation Wing (CDC) keep close conduct with the colleges with a view to helping them in their proper development, selection of teachers, student amenities, proper utilization of grants and efficient implementation of UGC approved projects.
  • The Affiliation Wing (CDC) advise and recommend examination reform, courses, restructuring of courses to make them more relevant and significant not only to students but also to region as a whole by assessing social transformation and regional development.
  • The Affiliation Wing (CDC) review the facilities for post graduate departments of colleges in terms of the norms prescribed by the UGC/AICTE/MCI/BCI/NCTE/Other Statutory bodies and assist those having the potential of coming up to the norms within a few years.   
  • The Affiliation Wing (CDC) help in the selective development of some colleges to remove regional in balances, and so assist a colleges to realize their potential and in identification of colleges for autonomous status.
  • The Affiliation Wing (CDC) Evaluate  and assist the impact of UGC/AICTE grants utilized by the colleges for the implementation of various development projects.  The Affiliation Wing (CDC) review the inspection report of the colleges and suggest remedies for the defects and irregularities reporter by the inspection committee. The Affiliation Wing (CDC) prepare annual report of the functioning of the council during the year and submitted to the EC, AC and UGC. The Affiliation Wing (CDC) perform such other functions as may be prescribed or as may be deemed necessary by the University for advancing the cause of collegiate education.