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The Computer Centre was established in the year 1992 under a sanction by the UGC. As a central facility, it caters to the teaching/ learning, research needs of various Schools, Departments, Centres, UGC-HRDC, Directorates, Community College and also the needs of administrative sections of the University. As an academic centre it is primarily catering to the teaching/learning and research needs of the various departments of the University in the areas of ICT and especially that of Computer Science department. The Centre is engaged in
  • Teaching/learning  programmes of the department of Computer Science
  • Establishment and management of the IT infrastructure of the University
  • Offering IT Enabled Services (ITES) to the University Community
  • In-house software requirements and Training in the areas of ICT
Systems Manager & Centre Head (i/c)

Dr. Sukhvinder Singh

Ph : +91-413-2654251
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Information Officer

M. Sundara Mohan

Ph : +91-413-2654588
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W. J. Kalesha

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Senior Technical Assistant

B. Rasan

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Senior Technical Assistant

E. Malan

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Senior Technical Assistant

S. Manikandan

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Senior Technical Assistant

S. Balan

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Technical Assistant

A. Ganabathi

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Lab Assistant

B. Chithra

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Ever since its inception in the year 1992 the Computer Centre staff regularly offer courses to the students of various programmes conducted by the Department of Computer Science such as M.Tech. (Computer Science & Engg.), M.Tech. (Network & Internet Engineering), M.C.A. and M.Sc. (Computer Science) including semester long project guidance.

Besides it offers courses for programmes for need departments – Library & Information Sciences, Centre for Electronic Media, Statistics, Banking Technology and International Business.

Staff of the Centre also serve as members of :

  • Programme Committee in Computer Science Department
  • Board of Studies in Computer Science & Engineering
  • Board of Examiners in Computer Science & Engineering

Computer Lab

The Centre offers support for the establishment/conduct of computer labs for other non-Computer Science departments such as Physics, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Electronic Media, Economics, Humanities and Management.


The Centre staff are actively involved in research in collaboration with the Dept. of Computer Science and published several research papers in various International Journals/Conferences.

Campus Network
  • The campus-wide computer network – Intranet was first established in the year 1998 connecting the then existing 4 buildings on the campus through Optic Fibre Cable (OFC).
  • In phases this intranet has grown both in size, capacity and type to cover all the buildings on the campus.
  • This network integrates data, voice and video (IP enabled) services. The network is gigabit switched one with Optic Fibre Cable (OFC) running to a distance of about 31kms
  • Each building is provided with Structured Data Cabling (SDC) for wired access
  • VoIP phones are provided, using SIP server, Communication Gateway and Communication Manager and SIP Phones in all the recently constructed buildings
  • Campus wide Wi-Fi enabled services provide extended access to resources on the network on anywhere, anytime basis
Internet access is being provided through intranet since the year 2001 and the bandwidth has steadily been enhanced, over the years, to meet the growing needs of the University from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps at present.
Pondicherry University is connected to the National Knowledge Network (NKN) since January 12, 2011. All online journals hitherto rendered by UGC- Infonet consortia are now made available on NKN. This network helps to foster closer collaboration with all the members of the NKN – universities, colleges and premier research institutions across the country. Computer Centre is the nodal centre for NKN.
  • The Computer Centre assisted in the establishment of EDUSAT for the UGC Academic Staff College now known as HRDC.
  • The services under EDUSAT are made available to the university community, especially to the participants of various programmes conducted by the Academic Staff College
  • Orientation on usage of EDUSAT services provided to participants who attended various orientation / refresher programmes

Software developed In-house

  • Grade Sheet Processing for Academic Section
  • Faculty Recruitment System – Recruitment Cell
  • On-line Application for Admissions to all PG and Research programmes using FOSS tools launched in 2006
  • On line Results Publication – Arts & Science, Engineering, Medical, Entrance Results, etc using FOSS tools
  • Web portal of Pondicherry University, DDE and Academic Staff College using FOSS tools in June 2007, later revamped in the year 2009 and 2011
  • Complaint Tracking System (Best Student Project Award from TCS) using FOSS tools developed and launched in June 2010
  • Mail Server built using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) tools and launched in the year 2007
  • Web site for Puduvai Vaani Community Radio Station (CRS) launched in December 2009
  • Electrical Engineering Management System for Electrical Services launched in December 2013
  • New Web portal of the University developed and launched in 2020

Developed by outsourcing (development only)

  • Online Registration for Examinations (B.Tech.) in the year 2009-2010 using open source tools
  • Hostel Management System launched in June 2011
  • Results Processing System for Academic Section May 2011
  • Public Grievances Redressal launched in the year 2012
  • Purchase Automation (under testing & implementation)
  • Development of new web portal with Online payment for students of DDE in June 2013


DNS Registration services for various units of the University are rendered by the Computer Centre such as :

Computer Centre also does Web content hosting for the various units of the University: UGC HRDC, Dean Students Welfare, FM Community Radio Station, Directorate of Distance Education, Community College, etc.


Service co-ordination is offered by the Centre for the maintenance of

  • Computer Systems & Peripherals
  • Campus Network
  • Internet
  • VoIP Telephony for Interncom with DID facility
  • Wireless


  1. Assist various departments of the University in computerizing their activities.
  2. Consultancy/Contractual work relating to use of computer facilities or developing software, e-governance, networking, selection of IT staff, etc.
  3. Provide on site ICT support for various events conducted by the University and other government agencies.
  • Web Services
  • Internet Services
  • e-mail services
  • Video Conferencing / Live Webcasts
  • VoIP Intercom
  • Biometric Attendance System
  • EMS
  • Complaints Management System (Electrical Wing & Engineering Wing)
  • Admissions
    • Online Application and Computer Based Testing Methods Entrance Exam
    • Online Admissions to PG/Research Programs
  • Social Media
    • Twitter (

Working Hours

Working Days  –  9:00 AM to 5.30 PM     

Holidays  –  10.00 AM to 5.00 PM

Contact Details

Office : 0413 2654 247

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