Dr. S. Victor Anandkumar

Research Area

Dr. Victor Anandkumar had a stint in the industry before entering the academia. His research is published in top tier journals such as Journal of Vacation Marketing, International Journal of Event and Festival Management, Anatolia, Vision and so on. He is a 4-time Best Teacher award winner from Pondicherry University. He was a recipient of Group Study Exchange (GSE) award from the Rotary International to visit the U.S. as a cultural ambassador. He has taught at BIM, Trichy, University of Mauritius and Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand as a Visiting Professor. He has been a trainer/consultant to several organizations/institutes.



Research Guidance
0 years
Teaching Expierience

Notable Publications

George, J., & Anandkumar, V. (2018). Dimensions of Product Brand Personality. Vision, 22(4), 377-386.

Peter, S., & Anandkumar, V. (2016). Travel motivation-based typology of tourists who visit a shopping festival: An empirical study on the Dubai shopping festival. Journal of vacation marketing, 22(2), 142-153.

Peter, S., & Anandkumar, V. (2016). Deconstructing the shopping experience of tourists to the Dubai Shopping Festival. Cogent Business & Management, 3(1), 1199109.

Peter, S., & Anandkumar, V. (2014). Dubai Shopping Festival: tourists’ nationality and travel motives. International Journal of Event and Festival Management.

George, J., & Anandkumar, S. V. (2014). Portrayed and perceived online destination personality of select island destinations. Anatolia, 25(2), 280-289.

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