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The Department of Food Science and Technology at Pondicherry University is a hub for the emerging technologies and industry-standard best practices necessary for producing food that is not only safe but also delicious and nutritive. The department makes for an atmosphere that is pleasant and welcoming, as well as academically engaging and professional. Our work is very congruent with the requirements of the food market as well as the prerequisites of the community. Our academic members have years of professional expertise in their respective professions, and our facilities are among the most advanced. The achievement of the students is what motivates the department. Our Food Science courses are major for postgraduate students with hands-on science with real-world applications, robust internship experiences, a wide range of scholarship options, and good job placement. The degrees of master of science and doctor of philosophy are available through our program. Students at the post-graduate level get extensive instruction in the advanced areas of food science, including food chemistry, food processing, food engineering, food microbiology, food safety, and community nutrition.

The P.G. and Ph.D. program in Food Science and Technology and Food Science and Nutrition offered in the department encompasses research in different aspects based on the expertise of each faculty.

The Department is bestowed with faculty members actively engaged in fundamental and applied research in various food science subfields. Research is facilitated through core disciplines and the following collaborative multidisciplinary signature areas: Material characteristics of food, Food System solutions for enhanced health and microbial food safety, and underlying cross-cutting research themes of food fermentation and food quality.

The faculty members have successfully acquired extramural financing from various national bodies (including the UGC, DBT, DST, ICMR, Ministry of Food Processing Industry, and CSIR) to enhance the infrastructural facility and the level of research activity. The research papers the department is producing are evidence of the outstanding research being done in the department. Based on the funding from various agencies earned by the faculties individually and as a team, the research outcome is attested by the research publications and the citations of their research work.

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Dr. S. Haripriya

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Associate Professor
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The Department is well equipped with spacious laboratories and sophisticated equipment. The Department has acquired state-of-the-art food processing pilot plant. The pilot plant facility house various food processing equipment of semi industrial scale such as canning and retort unit, spray drying unit, modified atmosphere packing unit, industrial baking unit, freeze drying unit, tray drier and fluidized bed drier in addition to other smaller equipment.
Food product development by using Novel Processing Techniques, Development of gadgets/ machineries for the Food Processing, Isolation and Characterization of Bioactive Phytochemicals, Safety Assurance of Food, Novel Food Products based on Functional Starter Cultures, Fermented Foods and Starter Culture and Meat Processing.
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