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The major objective of this Department has been to provide interdisciplinary high quality education to students in order to deepen their understanding of contemporary ecological and environmental issues. The faculty have received international and national research awards and medals. Some have also been elected to the fellowship of National Academies and professional societies and are on the editorial boards of national and international journals.
About Head
My field of interests are Forest Ecology and Land cover dynamics. I study forest fire and its impact on flora, fauna, microbes and soil and the structure and composition of different life forms along the elevation in Western and Eastern Ghats. Patterns of regeneration and factors affecting regeneration of trees are also in my research focus. I also study the carbon sequestration potential of different life forms and how various disturbance factors affect the sequestration potential of trees. I also conduct studies on human-animal conflicts in general and human-elephant conflict in particular. Other than forest, I do research on urban sprawl and its impact on the environment. I use Remote Sensing and GIS as tools in my studies. I teach Remote Sensing and GIS, Environmental Informatics and modeling, Forest Ecology and Satellite Image Processing for environmental Applications.
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Assistant Professor
The department has well equipped laboratory with sophisticated equipments such as Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Skalar Auto Analyzer; UV Spectrophotometer, Gel-apparatus, Cooling high speed Centrifuge, FTIR Stereoscopic microscopes and Flame photometer, etc.
Biodiversity and Conservation; Environmental Pollution; Agro-Ecosystem; Weed Ecology; Land use Planning; Resource Management; Wetland Ecology; Mathematical Modelling; Human Ecology and Environmental Health; Remote Sensing and GIS; Environmental Informatics, Marine Ecology; Coastal Zone Management; Constructed wetlands; Conservation Biology; Plant Animal Interactions; Ornithology and Wildlife Ecology.
In renowned research institutions and Universities in India and abroad, Government Organizations and NGOs.

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