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Master’s degree in Drama & Theatre Arts or any discipline in Performing Arts with a minimum 55% of marks and should have knowledge and experience in Drama and Theatre Arts. The candidate should possess a masters degree in Drama and Theatre Arts with marks prescribed by Pondicherry University. The entrance examination comprising of 100 Multiple Choice Questions covering Drama and Theatre Arts / Performance studies/ Media Arts and related subject at postgraduate level (M.A. in Drama and Theatre Arts). (Refer Ph.D. Drama & Theatre Arts Model Question Bank in Pondicherry University website). After qualifying in the Entrance Examination, the Candidates must appear before the Admission Committee for an Interview. The Ph.D. Admission Committee will decide the candidate’s eligibility for giving admission into Ph.D. degree programme in Drama and Theatre Arts based on their research skills and aptitude towards Drama and Theatre. The candidate should have adequate knowledge in English to write his/ her thesis as per the rules of the Pondicherry University for doing Ph.D. in Drama and Theatre Arts. If the Admission Committee feels that no one is satisfied from the rank list, the candidates may not be called for an interview from the overall merit list.

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