M.A. Hindi

M.A Hindi Programme exposes learners Hindi Language and Literature, Literature of other Indian Languages, Functional and applied skills of Hindi and research aptitude. It consists of wide range of Hard core, Hard Core (Optional) and Soft-Core Course with 72 credits. The programme can be completed in a minimum period of four consecutive semesters (Two Years) and a maximum period of three years (six consecutive semesters). Evaluation is based on Internal Assessment 40 % and End Semester Examination 60%. After successful completion the Master’s Degree Programme in Hindi the Student will be able to : Demonstrate knowledge and broad understating of Hindi Literature. Explain the development of Hindi Language and its linguistic aspects. Exhibit the understating of Indian Literary Criticism. Analyze critically writings of prominent Hindi Writers. Compare the philosophy of writers and their concerns in expressed in their writings. Demonstrate the skills of using Functional and Applied Hindi, Language Computing and Writing for various media. This programme could develop aptitude and professional skills for various professions and students can be placed in eminent positions in various Government Sector, Undertaking, Academic and Industry.

Focus Areas


of the program

Hindi language and Linguistics, Functional and Applied Areas of Hindi

History of Hindi Language Linguistics, Translation theory and Practice, Functional Hindi and Language Technology

Hindi Literature, Indian Literature and Comparative Studies

Early Medieval and Modern Literature of Hindi (Poetry, Fiction and Non-Fiction) and Modern Literature of Indian Languages.

Poetics, Aesthetics and Criticism

Indian Poetics, Western Poetics and Criticism

Multidisciplinary Skills Orientation, Optional Study of Writers, Contemporary Discourses.

Media & Film Studies, Teaching Skills, ICTs, Creative Writing (Choice Based) etc.

Who can prefer this Course


Bachelor’s degree in Hindi with a minimum of 50% of marks or Any degree with Hindi as a subject of study under part I or II or Pass in any recognised degree awarded by the voluntarys Hindi Organisations recognised by the Government of India.
The entrance examination would consist of 100 multiple choice questions of undergraduate level based on Hindi Language, Linguistics, Literature, Literary Criticism and Contemporary Developments.

Current Curriculum

Year of Revision : 2020
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Previous Curriculum

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