Dr. Tasneem Abbasi

Assistant Professor

Centre for Pollution Control and Environmental Engineering

Research Area

Tasneem Abbasi obtained her BTech and MTech degrees in chemical engineering and environmental engineering, respectively, both in first class with distinction from Pondicherry University. She has also studied for a master’s degree in water and environmental Engineering on a Trilateral Chevening Scholarship at the University of Survey, UK. She subsequently received her Ph.D. from Anna University of Technology. In a professional career spanning 16 years, Dr. Abbasi has published over 120 papers in indexed journals, with over 3400 citations and a Hirsch Index of 31 on SCOPUS. She has authored ten books, has five granted patents besides six undisputed patent claims.


Research Guidance

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Teaching Experience





Notable Publications

Abbasi, T., Abbasi, T., Luithui, C., Abbasi, S.A. 2019. Modelling methane and nitrous oxide emissions from rice paddy wetlands in India using Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs). Water (Switzerland), 11, doi: 10.3390/w11102169

Abbasi, S.A., Hussain, N., Tauseef, S.M., Abbasi, T. 2018. A novel FLippable Units Vermireactor Train System ─ FLUVTS ─ for rapidly vermicomposting paper waste to an organic fertilizer. Journal of Cleaner Production, 198 917-930.

Hussain, N., Abbasi, T., Abbasi, S.A. 2015. Vermicomposting eliminates the toxicity of Lantana (Lantana camara) and turns it into a plant friendly organic fertilizer. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 298 46-57.

Abbasi, T., Abbasi, S.A. 2012. Is the use of renewable energy sources an answer to the problems of global warming and pollution?. Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology, 42 99-154.

Abdolhamidzadeh, B., Abbasi, T., Rashtchian, D., Abbasi, S.A. 2010. A new method for assessing domino effect in chemical process industry. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 182 416-426.

Awards & Achievements​

In recognition of contributions to engineering: Best Young Engineer Award, 2014 by the Institution of Engineers, India; Suman Sharma Award for Outstanding Women Engineer, 2014, by the National Design and Research Foundation, India
Awards for presentation/teaching: Best Speaker Award at World Resource Forum, Davos, Switzerland, 2013; Best Teacher Award, PU, 2010-2011, 2018-2019
Scholarships: Trilateral Chevening Scholarship for pursuing masters degree at the University of Surrey (2004-2005); GATE scholarship for pursuing MTech

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