PU offers degree programs in arts, languages, sciences, business and social sciences. The major departments that award degrees are:

Department of Anthropology

Department of Management Studies

Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Department of Tourism and Hospitality Studies

Department of Biotechnology

Department of Mathematics

Department of Bioinformatics

Department of Nutrition and Food Technology

Department of Banking Technology

Department of Ocean Studies & Marine Biology

Department of Commerce

Department of Physics

Department of Computer Science

Department of Philosophy

Department of Chemistry

Department of Psychology

Department for Christian Studies

Department of Performing Arts

Department of Education

Department of Physical Education/ Sports

Department of English

Department of Politics and Intl Studies

Department of Ecology & Environmental Sciences

Department of Sanskrit

Department of Electronic Media and Mass

Department of Sociology


Department of Social Work

Department of Economics

Department of South Asian Studies

Department of Earth Sciences

Department of Tourism Studies

Department of French

Center for Women’s Studies

Department of Hindi

Department of History

Student’s from all majors can find a rich variety of courses from different departments at PU and can select five courses from a list of 1000 courses offered in each semester to create their individualized curriculum. Historically, study abroad courses are primarily from humanities and social sciences, but at PU, students from any major can find courses related to their specialization, major or interest.


PU has approximately 350 eminent faculty members holding advanced degrees from India, USA and Europe. Many of them continue collaborative research with international universities and publish joint papers in prestigious journals. Semester in India students are encouraged to conduct undergraduate research projects with their professors on a one-to-one basis.

PU follows semester pattern

  • Monsoon Semester ( July - Nov)
  • Spring Semester ( Dec - May )

Pondicherry University’s 780 acre campus is plentiful with departmental buildings with modern classrooms as well as quiet areas for studying, bicycling and trekking. With PU being a residential university, over 90% of students live on campus in residential hostels.

PU’s other facilities include a modern library, computer laboratories, health clinic, cafeterias, modern auditoriums, cutting edge science laboratories, language laboratories, gymnasiums, free bicycles and electric cars for interdepartmental transportation. Additionally, PU offers several social and cultural opportunities, singing and dance contests, cultural festivals, games and sports tournaments. All these add to a students’ cultural experiences while studying at PU.

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