Dr. K.N. Kusuma

Research Area

My research interests are in the field of Remote Sensing and GIS and its application to Earth and Planetary studies. The focus areas are (i) utilizing the hyperspectral remote sensing techniques for mineral exploration, (ii) study of geomorphology and composition of lunar and Martian crust in order to understand their geologic evolution (iii) Lunar analogues studies

  • Assistant Professor



Research Guidance
0 years
Teaching Experience

Notable Publications

H., Lakshmi Ram Prasath; K.N., Kusuma; S., Chaitanya; Guru, Balamurugan (2019) Frequency ratio modelling using geospatial data to predict Kimberlite Clan of rock emplacement zones in Dharwar Craton, India. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, ISSN: 0303-2434, Vol: 74, Page: 191-208

Kusuma K.N. (2020) Emissivity. In: Cudnik B. (eds) Encyclopedia of Lunar Science. Springer, Cham. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-05546-6

Kusuma. K.N, Sebastian, N., Murty, SVS. (2012) Geochemical and mineralogical analysis of Gruithuisen region on Moon using M3 and DIVINER images. Planetary and Space Sciences.Volume 67, Issue 1, p. 46-56.

Kusuma, K.N, Ramakrishnan, D, Pandalai, H.S.(2012)Spectral pathways for effective delineation of high grade Bauxites: a case study from the Savitri River Basin, Maharashtra, India using EO-1-Hyperion. International Journal of Remote Sensing,Vol. 33 (22), 7273–7290

Ramakrishnan, D., Bharati, R., Nithya, M., Kusuma.K.N, Singh, K.D (2012)Measurement of thermal properties of select intact and weathered granulites and their relationship to rock properties.GEOPHYSICS.VOL. 77, NO. 3.

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