Dr. Toka Swu

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry

Research Area

Our group is currently working in designing and synthesizing different types of coordination complexes to be used as a catalyst for organic reactions ultrasonically. The catalysts are designed with support from DFT calculations. To explore the biological applications of the synthesized complexes, docking studies are also performed. Not very actively, but we do Radiation Chemistry also. In the recent past, we have done nonlinear optic studies as well.


Research Guidance

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Teaching Experience





Notable Publications

Bathula Rajasekhar, P.K. Muhammad Hijaz, Toka Swu*. Computational study on non-linear optical property of Wittig based Schiff-Base ligands (both Z & E isomers) & Copper(II) complex. Journal of Molecular Structure. 2018. Vol. 1168, pp 212.

Bathula Rajasekhar, Nidarshana Patowary, Danish K. Z. & Toka Swu*. Computational studies on nonlinear optical property of novel Wittig-based Schiff-base ligands and copper(II) complex. Journal of Molecular Physics. 2018. Vol. No. 116(14), pp. 1883

Bathula Rajasekhar, Navya Bodavarapu, M. Sridevi, G. Thamizhselvi, K. RizhaNazar, R. Padmanaban, Toka Swu*. Nonlinear optical and G-Quadruplex DNA stabilization properties of novel mixed ligand copper(II) complexes and coordination polymers: Synthesis, structural characterization and computational studies. Journal of Molecular Structure. 2018. Vol. No. 1156, pp. 690.

Bathula Rajasekhar & Chandan Kumar & G. Premkumar & Mohd Aamir Bin Riyaz & P. T. V. Lakshmi & Toka Swu*. Computational studies on G-quadruplex DNA-stabilizing property of novel Wittig-based Schiff-Base ligands and their copper(II) complexes. Structural Chemistry. 2019. Vol.No. 30, pp. 727

D. SINHA, K. L. SAHOO, U. B. SINHA, T. SWU, A. CHEMSEDDINE and D. FINK. GAMMA-INDUCED MODIFICATIONS OF POLYCARBONATE POLYMER. Radiation Effects and Defects in Solids. 2004. Vol. 159, pp. 587.

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