Dr. R. Venkatesakumar


Department of Management Studies

Research Area

R.Venkatesakumar is a faculty member in the Department of Management Studies. He teaches subjects like Quantitative Methods and Marketing Research. His research interests include Branding, Retailing, Text Analytics, and Social Media. He is a trainer on software like SPSS, AMOS, LISREL, PLS, and R Programming. He received best research paper awards from IIM-A, IIM-IIM-K, BIM, and published more than 50 research papers.


Research Guidance

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Teaching Experience





Notable Publications

Sudhakar, Bushan D. and R. Venkatesakumar (2020). Transition in Life to Bring Transformation for Future Business. ResInt Research Review, 4(1): pp. 58-60. [ISSN: 2560-8703]

Venkatesakumar, R and M. Pachayappan (2018). Sentiment Analysis of Tweets- IPL 2018 Final. SCMS Journal of Indian Management, XV (3): pp. 71-80. [ISSN 0973 – 3167; SCOPUS Listed].

Pachayappan, M., and R. Venkatesakumar (2018). A Graph Theory Based Systematic Literature Network Analysis. Theoretical Economics Letters, 8: pp. 960-80. [A Peer reviewed journal-ABDC Listing-B Category: ISSN: 2162-2086].

Venkatesakumar, R., Pachayappan, M. (2017). Application of Social Network Analysis [SNA] metrics for Systematic Literature Review [SLR]. Man in India, 97 (4), pp. 233-247. [SCOPUS Indexed]

Venkatesakumar, R and Riasudeen, S. and Sathish, A.S. (2013).Single Celebrity Endorsement on Multiple Products – a comparison of high value versus low value items. Indore Management Journal, 5(2): 13-22.[ISSN: 0975-1653-IIM-Indore]

Awards & Achievements​

Received “Distinguished Alumni Award” in the Academic and Research category from VIT University, Vellore on 15th August 2017.
Received ‘Best Paper Award’ along with Dr. Sundar, S & Ms Anuratha Venkataraman., in the 7th International Conference on Excellence in Research and Education held at IIM-Indore on May 5-8, 2016, for the research ‘Impact of Consumer Knowledge and Involvement on Perception towards Private Label Brands Versus National Brands: An Experimental Approach
Received ‘Best Paper Award’ along with Dr. Sundar, S., in the 5th IIMA Conference on Marketing in Emerging Economies held at IIM-Ahmadabad on January 09-11, 2013, for the research ‘Effects of Involvement and Mood on Credibility of Sports Celebrity Endorsers’

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