Dr. Pramod Singh

Research Area

“The sedimentary rocks preserve within them the record of earth’s surface and atmospheric history. The eroding sediments at any given time provide sampling of the exposed crust and are influenced to a large extent by the earth surface processes, tectonics and climate.
My research interest is in understanding the influence of earth surface processes on mineralogical and geochemical composition of sediments and provenance characterization. I have begun to study evolution of delta and coastal processes. My ongoing research is on understanding of macro and micro level mineral/geochemical weathering processes and multiproxy study for reconstruction of Quaternary climate and tectonics history.

Research Guidance
0 years
Teaching Experience

Notable Publications

Singh, P. and Rajamani, V. (2001): REE Geochemistry of Recent Clastic Sediments from the Kaveri Floodplains, Southern India: Implication to Source Area Weathering and Sedimentary Processes. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. v 65, p. 3093-3108

Singh, P. (2009) Major, Trace and REE geochemistry of the Ganga river sediments: Influence of provenance and sedimentary processes, Chemical geology v. 266, p. 251-264

"Singh, P. (2010) Geochemistry and provenance of stream sediments of Ganga River and its major Tributaries in the Himalayan region, India, Chemical geology v.269, p. 220-236"

Pramod Singh, M.G. Yadava, Malik Z. Ahmad, P.P. Mohapatra, A.H. Laskar, S. Doradla, J. Saravanavel, C.J. Kumanan (2015) Fertile farmlands in Cauvery delta: evolution through LGM, Current Science, Vol. 108, No. 2, 218-225, ISSN 0011-3891

PK Mishra, Y Ankit, PK Gautam, CG Lakshmidevi, P Singh, A Anoop (2019) Inverse relationship between south-west and north-east monsoon during the late Holocene: Geochemical and sedimentological record from Ennamangalam Lake, southern India, CATENA, 182, 104117

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