Dr. P. Thilakan

Research Area

Graduated in M.Sc Physics and B.Ed in Physical Sciences, Awarded Doctorate in Physics from Anna University, Guindy Campus, Chennai in 1997. Worked abroad for more than 10 years and actively involved in the research of Solar Cell & Nanomaterials and device fabrications. Worked at ENEA-Italy, Nagoya Institute of Technology-Japan, Nanyang Technological University- Singapore, Hokkadio University -Japan, Japan Advanced Research Institute for Science and Technology (AIST)-Japan etc., Received research fellowships from Italian Laboratories for New Technologies (ENEA)-Italy, International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP)-Italy, Telecommunication Advanced Research Fellowship (TAO)-Japan , IITA –South Korea visiting Professorship. Being the first faculty of Centre for Green Energy Technologies actively involved in the establishment of academic infrastructure in the centre and introduced a specialized course content and teaching on Solar power plant Engineering for M.Tech students.

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Notable Publications

T. Balaganapathi, B. Kaniamuthan, S. Vinoth, T. Arun and P. Thilakan, “Controlled synthesis of brookite and combined brookite with rutile phase of Titanium Di-oxide and its characterization studies” Ceramics International 43 (2017) 2438-2440.

T. Balaganapathi, B. Kaniamuthan, S. Vinoth and P. Thilakan, “PEG assisted synthesis of porous TiO2 using sol-gel processing and its characterization studies” Materials Chemistry and Physics 189 (2017) 52-55.

T. Balaganapathi, B. Kaniamuthan, S. Vinoth and P. Thilakan, “Synthesis, Characterization and dye adsorption studies of porous brookite and mixed brookite with rutile TiO2 using PEG assisted sol-gel synthesis process” Materials Research Bulletin 91 (2017) 114–121

S. Vinoth, T. Balaganapathi, B. KaniAmuthan, T. Arun, I. Panneer Muthuselvam, Fang-Cheng Chou and P. Thilakan, “Bi2Te3 thin hexagonal nanoplatelets : Synthesis and its characterization studies” Physica E: Low-Dimensional Systems and Nanostructures 92 (2017) 17–22

P. Thilakan and J. Kumar “Studies on the preferred orientational changes and its influenced properties on ITO films”, Vacuum, vol.48, 463-466(1997).

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