Dr. Mansy M

Research Area

I am an assistant professor in Sociology of Pondicherry University. My areas of interest includes Sociology of Migration and Sociology of Health.

  • Assistant Professor



Research Guidance
0 years
Teaching Experience

Notable Publications

M., Mansy. 2009. Fathers in Gulf, Children in Kerala : Impact of Male Migration to Middle East Countries on Children Left Behind, Kerala Sociologist, XXXVlll(2).

M, Mansy. 2012. The Migrant Malayalee - A Historical Perspective, in Vilanilam, J. B et al. (eds.) Introduction to Kerala Studies, Vol. 2, ISAAC, New Jersey. Pp. 1141-1150.

M, Mansy. 2014. Impact of Male Migration to Middle East Countries on Elderly Parents, Kerala Sociologist, 42(1), Pp. 67-81.

M, Mansy. 2018. Portrayal of Women in Visual Media: An Analysis of Television Serials. Sodha Mimamsa, v, XVll, Pp. 155-158.

M, Mansy. 2020." In Search for Inclusion : Examining Migration of the Transgender". Research Chronicler, Forthcoming issue.