Dr. K. Karthik Selva Kumar

Research Area

In the midst of a healthy and intellectual upbringing, he obtained his Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Anna University. Subsequently, he obtained his Masters Degree from Thiagarajar College of Engineering/ Anna University. Besides having a strong technical expertise and analytical skills, he acquired his Ph.D degree in the specialization of Experimental and Computational Fluid Dynamics from Indian Institute of Technology IIT(ISM), Dhanbad. During his tenure as a Doctoral Researcher he was awarded with a grant amount of “880 Euros” from the Prestigious Society “EAGE- European Association of Geoscientist and Engineers”.

He started his career to satisfy his passion for teaching and research by Joining National Institute of Technology (NIT)-Jamshedpur from 2016 and worked until the mid of 2018. Then later he Joined IIT- Guwahati as a Post-Doctoral Fellow to enhance his research activities in the field of Fluid Structure Interaction on Wind Turbines and its associated Structures until Jan 2020. He was offered a Research Position in The School of Energy and Power Engineering (SEPE) at University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST), P.R.China. Due to pandemic situation he joined CVR College of Engineering and continued his research activities along with an active teaching and learning process. During the tenure at CVR College of Engineering, He successfully completed a Research Project with a Grant amount of Rs.2, 00,000/- awarded by DST-NewGen IEDC for Developing a PSA based Oxygen Concentrator as one of the solution to overcome the scarcity of oxygen. In the month of December 2021, he joined as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Green Energy Technology belongs to Madanjeet School of Green Energy Technologies at Pondicherry University.

In addition to teaching at engineering colleges, he has been also working as an administrator/coordinator for student associations and laboratories. As an active researcher, Dr.K.Karthik Selva Kumar is associated with many foreign Universities, along with that he is an active reviewer of 8 International Peer-Reviewed Journals. Consecutively he has contributed to the areas of Fluid Structure Interaction, Experimental & Computational Fluid Dynamics, Aerofoil Design, Wind Turbine Design, Fault Diagnostics, Energy Harvesting, Flow Induced Vibrations, and Wind Turbine Blade Instabilities with 20 research publications in SCI/Scopus/Well renowned Journals and conferences. He also published Two Books and One Book Chapter in an internationally acclaimed Publishing House.

A technical and education management expert, Dr. K. Karthik Selva Kumar believes that Science, Engineering and Technology are advancing at a fast pace and obsolescence of physical infrastructure, skills and competence takes place rapidly. He is keen on taking steps to improve the existing infrastructure, investment and intellectual strength wherever they exist and network them so as to utilize them effectively and optimally for meeting the changing needs.

Research Guidance
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Notable Publications

Saurabh Suman, Balaji PS, Karthik Selva kumar, and Kumaraswamidhas. (2021) Nonlinear vibration control device for a vehicle suspension using Negative stiffness mechanism, Journal of Vibration Engineering & Technologies, https://doi.org/10.1007/s42417-020-00275-6 Springer (I.F-1.889) SCI

Balaji, P.S. & Karthik Selva Kumar, K* (2020) Applications of Nonlinearity in Passive Vibration Control: A Review, Journal of Vibration Engineering and Technologies, DOI: 10.1007/s42417-020-00216-3, Springer (I.F-1.889) SCI

Karthik Selva Kumar, K* and Kumaraswamidhas, L.A, (2020), “Investigation on Stability of an Elastically Mounted Circular Tube under Cross Flow in Inline Square Arrangement" Iranian Journal of Science and Technology, Transactions of Mechanical Engineering, Vol. 44, pp 313–325, Springer (I.F-1.596) SCI

Kumaraswamidhas, L.A. and Karthik Selva Kumar, K* (2016), “Experimental investigation on Stability of an Elastically Mounted Circular Tube under Cross Flow in Normal Triangular Arrangement”, Journal of Vibroengineering Vol. 18 (3), 1824-1838. (I.F-0.83) E-SCI

Karthik Selva Kumar, K* and Kumaraswamidhas, L.A. (2016), “Numerical investigation on cross-flow characteristics over the side-by-side square cylinders at different spacing ratios”, Alexandria Engineering Journal, Vol.55 (2), pp 1053–1062.– Elsevier (I.F-3.732) SCI

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