Dr. K. Chellamani

Research Area

I am Professor in School of Education and I have been here in Pondicherry University since 2009. Earlier I was a Lecturer in University of Madras. My area of interest is Neuroscience based Teaching and Learning and experiments in Educational research and I received DST project in these lines. The innovations in teaching learning brought two times NCERT Award, Broad Outlook Learner Teacher Award from The Hindu, and one International publication out of the International Seminar in Vigyan Bhavan. The research outcomes were published in 70 peer reviewed journals. And to my credit published Six books, chapters in 7 books and Edited 3 books. Authored a self-learning material on ‘Science of Education’ for the course M.A in Education, Mother Teresa University. I was one of the authors of English Textbook published by Tamil Nadu Textbook Corporation for standards VII & VIII and a Resource book, and Teacher Education, Government of Tamil Nadu.



Research Guidance
0 years
Teaching Expierience

Notable Publications

"Chellamani, K. (2015). (Translation in Tamil). Early language and Literacy in Tamil. Position Paper. USAID, CECED & Care India, New Delhi: India"

"Mondal, K & Chellamani, K. (2017). Neuroeducation: The myths and Realities. Journal of Indian Education. Vol.XLII1 (4). 19-29. February 2017. ISSN 0377-0435"

"Mondal, K & Chellamani, K. (2017). Exploring Metalinguistic based Language Learning in Smart Classrooms. Shanlax International Journal.Vol.5 (4). 16 -24. Sep.2017. ISSN 2320-2645. Impact Factor. 3.125."

"Chellamani, K. (2017). Neurocognitive Initiatives on Sustainable development in Teacher Education. University News. Vol.55 (16).18-23. April, 2017. ISSN:0566-2257"

"Chellamani, K. (2015). Neural Correlates on Learning: Issues and Reflections. Research Nebula, Vol. IV (I), 177 - 180. April 2015. ISSN: 2277-8071. Impact Factor: 1.315(ISRA)"

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