Dr. Gulam Rasool Bhat

Research Area

I am an earthquake geologist with special interests in Disaster Management, Tectonic Geomorphology, Paleoseismology, seismology and geodynamics. The main focus of my research over the years has been the study of ground deformation (on fault and off fault) of paleo earthquakes, rupture dynamics and seismic potential of active faults in diverse tectonic environments like N/w Himalaya to Andaman Subduction zone. Further, to understand the physics of earthquakes cycle, the structural and seismogenic behavior of active fault systems, earthquake recurrence and societal implications of earthquakes and related hazards. I incorporate a wide range of data sets in my research from paleoseismology trench investigations along and across the active faults, prepare paleo surface rupture maps, tsunami deposits, to geophysical techniques like GPR, Seismic reflection, ERT, GPS etc.

  • Assistant Professor


bhatgr74@gmail.com, bhatgr@hotmail.com

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Notable Publications

Tectonic Geomorphology and Seismic Hazard of the East Boundary Thrust in the northern segment of Sunda Andaman subduction zone. Natural Hazards.

Using paleo-liquefaction features to determine the Likely source, magnitude and ground accelerations of pre-historic earthquakes in the Kashmir Basin (Northwestern Himalaya), India

Seismotectonics and spatio-temporal Variations In seismicity rates along Andaman trench

Primary on fault and off fault Paleoseismic evidences of large to great magnitude earthquakes along the Bathubasti Fault, South Andaman, India

Neotectonics and related crustal Deformation along the Carbyn thrust Fault, South Andaman. Implications towards frontal surface faulting and propagation of tectonic activity towards Andaman trench

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