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The UGC – Human Resource Development Centre, Pondicherry University which was established in 1987, has been organizing orientation courses, refresher courses, short-term programmes, summer schools, interaction programme for PhD scholars, Workshop for social science and science research guides and students and special programmes/workshops related to College Principals, Academic Administrators. In Addition to that, training on “Information and Communication Technology and Computer Applications’’ (ICT), Green Technology & Knowledge Management are also been imparted. The Human Resource Development Centre of Pondicherry University, situated at the Pondicherry University campus. Few years ago the University constructed a beautiful Academic Staff College building to the tune of ` 6.84 crores. It is one of those HRDC’s, which houses all its academic and administrative facilities / activities under one roof thereby providing the aspiring participants, an avenue, for their academic excellence. The HRDC building self contained with all amenities required for ideal training of Teacher- Class room and residential accommodation together, library, canteen and administrative accommodation. The HRDC has four spacious classrooms with excellent cross ventilation with a seating capacity of 40-50 participants. The HRDC high-tech class rooms is more useful for participants. The Vision of HRDC Pondicherry University is to be a world class Human Resource Development Centre and a change agent through excellence in learning process and quality in higher education and research with competency and collaborative orientation to serve the local, national and global community.
Director (i/c)

Dr. Rajneesh Bhutani

Ph : 0413 2654 638
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Dr. Panch Ramalingam

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The Human Resource Development Centre of Pondicherry University has as its primary structure, the creation of an institution that addresses the academic needs of the teaching community. It aims to bring Resource Persons who have expertise in their chosen areas to impart knowledge and create an environment for the enhancement of to the pedagogical and domain skills of the teachers. It conducts Orientation Courses, Refresher Courses and Short Term Courses with the aim of enhancing the knowledge in disciplines which have been chosen for such courses. Our main aim is to widen the intellectual horizon of our participants by exposing them to leaders in the field. Our Orientation courses aim at providing a holistic framework for the enhancement of teaching and academic skills by concentrating an 4 components (a) Technology (b) Practice of Teaching and Philosophy of Education (c) Personality Development and (d) Culture, History and heritage of India. The UGC has identified these four components as important and HRDC-PU aims at fulfilling their mandate.

We wish all our participants well and we hope that their stay in Pondicherry in memorable and useful.

Dr. Rajneesh Bhutani
Director(i/c), HRDC

Main categories of human resource development and capacity building programmes The HRDCs will mainly organize the following main category of human resource development and capacity building programmes.

Orientation / First Level Programmes: Every new faculty member in higher education will be required to undergo a four week Orientation / First level Programme which will be focused on some broad area of knowledge spanning a few allied disciplines. The objective of the orientation programme is to make teachers an agent of socioeconomic change and put them in centre stage of national development. The programme shall have the following components:

  • 10% weight for topics in higher education such as issues of ethics, gender, marginalized communities, plagiarism etc.
  • 10% weight for issues related to environment.
  • 10% weight for issues concerning service matters of teachers.
  • 20% for broad cross discipline topics to motivate the trainees for development of interdisciplinary understanding and interest including basic legal awareness.
  • 10% weight for Research Methodology.
  • 15% weight for Communication Skills and Information Technology.
  • 10% weight for Microteaching
  • The remaining 15% of content of the First Level Programme will be focused on broad understanding of various subjects with recent global trends and developments.
Refresher / Second Level Programmes: These will be mainly focused for those faculty members who have already undergone through the Orientation/First Level Programme in an indentified broad area. The programme will be discipline specific with advanced developments in an identified subject under the concerned broad area. In addition, there will be Refresher Programmes, geared towards emerging cross discipline advanced studies to enable the participants of relevant disciplines to work together or contemporary application of new knowledge for industrial and social development and other allied aspects. The goal would be to equip and motivate

The Administration of HRDC in the hands of Vice Chancellor of the University and happen to be Chairman of the HRDC and assisted by programme planning and management committee. The Director of the HRDC will be the Academic, Administrative and Financial Executive Officer of their Centre. They will be responsible for its functions and activities. He/she will have the powers to sanction expenditure upto Rs. 50,000/- at a time. In addition he/she shall have the powers to make payments of TA/DA to resource persons and participants of the programmes. The Vice-Chancellor of the host University will have the following powers:
(i) to appoint academic staff in the HRDC.
(ii) to appoint non-teaching staff in the HRDC on the recommendations of the Director.
(iii)to relax the provision of these guidelines in view of special circumstances of any case, on the recommendations of the Director, to be recorded in writing, for allowing activities in the interest of smooth functioning of HRDC. The Director of HRDC assisted by Deputy Director and Assistant Director in the pay scale of Physical Education and also group of Non Teaching Staff to assist the Director for running the HRDC programmes in an effective manner.

No candidate will be allowed to attend the orientation/refresher programme if he/she does not attend the inaugural lecture of the said programme. As this is a contact based programme, no teacher will be allowed to leave during the operation of the programme. However, in case of emergency with the permission of the Director of RCCB and HRDC, the participant can be allowed in exceptional circumstances to attend the similar number of hours in the next programme to complete the course. No certificate is to be issued to any participant unless adequate numbers of hours are completed by the concerned participant. For students participants, no honorarium/TA/DA to be paid. UGC has right to suspend the financial assistance to those RCCBs and HRDCs where audited reports are not received by the UGC by the end of June of following financial year or the performance is not satisfactory. The number of participants for each course/programme should not be less than 30 failing which course /programme will be considered as non-functional. Minimum number of participants has been fixed to ensure that participant cost is reduced and objectives of HRDC are achieved in efficient manner. To avoid duplicacy of courses and reduce per participant cost, it has been decided to introduce Cluster Scheme for all HRDC as per Annexure XV. Cluster Scheme will also ensure that same course is not conducted by other HRDC under the same domain.

Annexure XV
Cluster 5
Tamil Nadu
1.Bharathiar University, Coimbatore
2.Bhartidasan University, Tiruchirapalli
3.University of Madras,Chennai
4.Madurai Kamraj University, Madurai
5.Pondicherry University, Pondicherry
6.University of Calicut, Kerala
7.University of Kerala,
8.Kannur University, Kannur

Registration Fee

Every participant shall pay an admission fee (non- refundable) of Rs.1000/- at the time of admission to the course. The amount so generated will be kept at the disposal of the HRDCs for the augmentation of HRDCs infrastructure.

Monitoring the Progress of the Scheme
Monitoring, evaluation and quality assurance of HRDCs programmes will be done from time to time by the Commission through Standing Committee/Expert Committee. Each HRDC will submit Annual Progress Reports to the UGC. For final settlement of accounts, HRDCs should take measures to get their accounts audited by accredited Chartered Accountants / AGS audit.


Every participant shall pay an admission fee (Non-refundable) of Rs. 1000/- along with the  application to the course. Demand Draft for Rs.1000/- in favour of Finance Officer, Pondicherry University payable at Puducherry from Indian / SBI Bank. Participant must write his/her name, address, mobile number along with the course name on the reverse of the Demand Draft.


Download the application form from the website ( or get in person from the HRDC office.

Filled in application (duly signed by the signature of the Principal / Registrar (Head of the University)) should reach the DIRECTOR, UGC-Human Resource Development Centre (Old Name ASC), R.V. Nagar, Kalapet, Puducherry – 605 014

The selected applicant will receive the provisional selection letter well in advance before the commencement of the programme (through e-mail / letter). The seletion letter is must for participating the programme and the selection letter must be submitted to HRDC office at the time of admission along with Relieving Order and Service Certificate.

Contact Details

Office : +91-413-2654 639

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