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Study in India Program (SIP) is open to students from abroad to study a semester/ two semesters of various courses available in the University on transfer of credits basis. Before they apply under the SIP, students may inform themselves regarding the approval from their parent Institution for transfer of credits for courses to be studied in Pondicherry University, India. In addition to academics, students can experience differentfacets of Indian culture. Assistance is provided to students to make their stay and experience comfortable and rewarding. For enrolling into the SIP, please send an application at least three months in advance. Students have the option of choosing courses and credits from any of the relevant departments of the University. If your semester schedules are different from our calendar, the specific department Head will be contacted to know whether you can be accommodated especially for lab work based courses.

Dr. Uma Chandrasekaran

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What We Offer

  • Teaching by nationally and internationally acclaimed faculty, many of whom with teaching and research experience abroad.
  • Flexible Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) that offers varied choices.
  • A well-equipped computer facility, 24x7 Internet access through campus-wide Wi-Fi and a state of the art Library.
  • Multi-Cultural ambience with the scope to interact with students from all over India and abroad.
  • Pollution-free picturesque campus of 800 acres with boarding and food facilities.
  • A very supportive student- friendly SIP office.

The Semester Program offers two semesters, Fall and Spring, in a year. The duration of the Fall semester is from 24th June to 30th November and the Spring semester from 1st December to 10th May. Students who wish to enrol in this program must fulfil the criteria of a period of 2 years of college or university and need to secure a minimum CGPA of 3.0. The application will be processed six months in advance. The closing date of application for Fall semester is on or before 1st December and for Spring is on or before 1st July. Students/International offices can finalize their courses based on the syllabi content provided via the university portal: by the different departments.
Counselling of the students is done through e-mails prior to their arrival here and contents of the courses are made available to the students and their respective advisors for determining suitability and credit equivalence. Under this program, the students can earn up to 15 credits, transferable to the students’ home Universities. On completion of the semester successfully, the credits are transferred to their respective institutions a month after the end of the semester.
The academic program of SIP students is taken care of under three different categories i) regular ii) special and iii) independent.

    • Regular course is where the SIP students will be a part of the regular classes including integrated program classes with Pondicherry University students. Examinations on par with regular students would be undertaken. However, evaluation would be made on the basis of SIP criteria
    • Special courses are offered by individual faculty members to suit the requirements of foreign students. These courses are generally 3 credit courses and function basically on the mutual consent of the international student, the faculty and the SIP office. There needs to be an enrolment of at least 3 or more students for any special course to function.

International students who wish to take up a specialized project/intensive study in a certain field/ a short term research area can pursue an independent course under the ambit of SIP. 

The Short term Program is designed for 2 weeks / 4 weeks / 6 weeks based on the host university requirements. The short term program could be initiated on mutual consent with Pondicherry University and the Host University. The Short term programs need to be worked out a year ahead of the actual starting date/beginning of a semester. These programs are generally oriented towards liberal arts and could be a combination of lectures as well as field work.

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