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Located at Pondicherry which remains a window of French culture, the Department of History of the Pondicherry University has distinguished itself as a frontline History Department across the country for the study of cultural interaction in the Indian Ocean region. The Department was established in 1988 to provide facilities for study and research in the social, economic and cultural history of India and the world. Teaching and research in the department are focused on the different aspects of Indian history, ancient, medieval and modern. Historiography, Theory and Practice of Historical Writing, History of Science, Technology, Environment and Medicine, Archaeology, Epigraphy, Numismatics and Global History are foremost among the thrust areas of study. The curriculum makes it possible for students to have comprehensive as well as in depth knowledge in history so as to enable them to clear competitive examinations like UGC NET and Civil Service Examinations and take up administrative, teaching and research careers with confidence in future. The Department provides modular courses which allow the students of the University to choose from a menu of courses according to their interests, career plans and ambitions.

The Department of History was established in December 1987 with following main objectives:
 To provide facilities for study and research in social, economic and cultural history of India
 To highlight the intellectual tradition and cultural heritage of India
 To explore the history of countries other than India
 To undertake the study of historiography and the philosophy of history
 To provide knowledge of the theory and practice of historical writing


Vision and Message of Head of Department

Dr. G. Chandhrika

  • Professor
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Chandhrika - G. Chandhrika
FOTO - Paokholal Haokip
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
The Department is equipped with Smart Class Room facility for ICT integrated teaching. It has all the sophisticated equipment such as LCD projectors, public address systems, etc., for effective teaching. Besides the chalk and talk method, the teaching is done thorough Power Point presentations. Students are encouraged to develop their skills of communication through group discussions and individual seminars. State of the art survey and excavation equipment are used in archaeological, archival and historical data collection, analysis and report writing. The centralised facility of a well equipped computer laboratory in the University is an additional infrastructural facility available for the students of the Department.
The Department conducts national seminars and invites distinguished scholars for giving lectures throughout the academic year with a view to disseminate advanced knowledge in chosen fields of history. Field trips to nearby places of importance are undertaken every year. The students of the department are getting placements as teachers in the history departments of the colleges and Universities in different parts of India and as technicians in Governmental agencies like the Archaeological Survey of India and the State Departments of Archaeology and Museums.
The Department is inducted under UGC Special Assistance Programme and has moved to Phase II. The thrust area for DRS II is ” India and the India Ocean with Special reference to Coromandel and Malabar Coasts(Early Historic Period to Colonial Times)”  
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