Dr. Ruman Banerjee

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I obtained two post-graduate degrees, a Ph.D. and three years of post-doctoral research experience on various disciplines and sub-disciplines of History, Archaeology Anthropology & Earth Sciences. I received an honours graduate degree in Anthropology from Calcutta University with Zoology, Botany and Environmental Sciences. I did my Ph.D. work on the applications of remote sensing and GIS (RS-GIS), geoarchaeology, new rock art discoveries in Central Indian provinces, chemical geology and Uranium series Geochemistry (U/Th) in archaeology and anthropology from Bristol University, UK. My post-doctoral work at IIT Gandhinagar was about Harappan cognitive and applied anthropological trends and how the Indus Valley Civilization operated over a vast geoarchaeological landscape through the analysis of lithic materials from the Harappan Megacity of Dholavira. Currently I work on Digital and Computational History Methods, Digital Imaging, Data Management in History, Historical and Archaeological Materials Analysis, Cognitive Archaeology, Cultural Heritage Management and Computational Social Choice.

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