Central Instrumentation Facility


Excellence in teaching and research by Science Schools need state-of-the-art sophisticated equipments, various workshops and support facilities. These equipments and facilities help the faculty, research scholars and students to carry out globally competitive R & D in basic and applied sciences. Since individual researchers may not be able to generate huge research funds for the research instruments, a few years back Central Instrumentation Facility (CIF) was started in Pondicherry University with a mission to enrich the resources on a shared basis for promoting R and D with the following objectives.
  1. To strengthen technological infrastructure to carry out advanced research in various science disciplines under one roof and make their services available to academic schools and departments.
  2. To provide guidance for  acquisition of data and train personnel in operation and maintenance of Sophisticated Instruments.
  3. To organize short-term courses/workshops on the use and application of various spectroscopic and analytical techniques for students, teachers and technical personnel from our University, affiliated institutions, universities and industry in the region.
History and Organization: Established as University Science Instrumentation Centre (USIC) in the year 1992 with the support of UGC. In the year 1997, it was absorbed as one of the centres by the University. In the year 2006, USIC was renamed as Central Instrumentation Facility (CIF) and attached to the School of Physical, Chemical and Applied Sciences. It is governed by the Management Advisory Committee consisting of Vice-Chancellor as Chairman, Deans of all Science Schools, Heads of  all Science Departments, external Experts as members and its Co-ordinator as the Member Secretary.
Centre Head

Dr. C. Sivasankar

Ph : 0413-2654433, 0413-2654434
Email : head.cif@pondiuni.edu.in



Technical Officer (Retired and on contract)

Er. S. Ramasamy

Ph : 0143 2654 433


Technician Grade IV

V. Carounagarane

Ph : +91-413-2654-433
Email : carounavijay@yahoo.com
Technician Grade - II

R. Elumalai

Ph : +91-413-2654434
Email : service.cif@pondiuni.edu.in
Sr. Technical Assistant

S. Elisa Fathima

Ph : +91-413-2654-433
Email : elisafathima@gmail.com
Technical Assistant (Science)

S. Balamurugan

Ph : +91-413-2654-433
Email : cifpu@yahoo.com
Technician Grade - I

M. Mohanraj

Ph : +91-413-2654-433
Email : mohanmirra@gmail.com
Senior Lab Assistant,

R. Kopalakrishnan

Ph : +91-413-2654-433
Email : kopalcif@gmail.com
Lab Attendent

S. Prabakaran

Ph : +91-413-2654-433
Email : spspshiva@yahoo.com
Lab Assistant

N. Kirunakaran

Ph : +91-413-2654-433
Email : kiruba2ran@gmail.com
Lab Assistant

A. Elamaran

Ph : +91-413-2654-433
Email : elamaran1me@gmail.com
Lab Assistant

P. Esakki Kumar

Ph : +91-413-2654-433
Email : cskkumar287@gmail.com
Lab Assistant

P. Xavier Arul Raja

Ph : +91-413-2654-433
Email : xavierraja16.xar@gmail.com
Lab/Workshop Attendant

K. Manueethi Sriram

Ph : +91-413-2654-433
Email : manuneethi01101994@gmail.com
Lab/Workshop Attendant

P. Rajesh

Ph : +91-413-2654-433
Email : rajesh.paramu1994@gmail.com

The facilities of the CIF come under the following groups:

Electronic shop of the centre is equipped with necessary Electronic Test & Measurement equipment and tools to undertake maintenance, repair and service works of all types of Electrical, electronics and audio-visual equipment instruments / equipment / appliances & teaching aid. Design and Fabrication Services of instrumentation modules required by students and faculty research work is also provided.

Maintenance of all Sophisticated Instruments of the University, Design and Development of Instruments to meet the research needs of students & Faculty members and Repair & Service of Electronic teaching aid.

Equipment available: Several Test and measuring instruments, Standard Oscilloscopes, 100 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Function Generators, Microprocessor & Microcontroller Trainer & Development kits, IC and Discrete Device Testers and LCR meter

Mechanical shop commissioned during March 1997 is equipped with necessary equipment and tools to take up all sorts of mechanical fabrication and repair and reconditioning works of mechanical structures and cabinets. Modification of existing assemblies, new designs and fabrication of mechanical components as desired by research students and faculty are also carried out.

Design and fabrication of all types of mechanical assemblies involving turning, drilling, cutting, welding, grinding, bending and painting works, Repair of existing machines / structures, Caters to all Departments, centres and offices of the university and Supports student and faculty research activities.

Machinery available : Machining – 10′ Heavy duty cone pulley Lathe, All geared HMT lathe, Universal Milling Machine, Bending – Manual machine for sheets up to 4 mm, Cutting – Power Hacksaw, manual shear, Welding – Electric Arc (200 A), Gas welding cylinders and Torches, Drilling – Vertical drilling up to 40mm dia, Grinding – Bench, Angle, Flexible grinders, Painting – Air Compressor, Tools and Accessories.

Machinery available: Table top Burners, Glass blower’s Lathe, Grinding machine, Graduation table, Annealing Furnace, Strain viewer and Tools and Accessories.

The instruments are available to all the students, research scholars and faculty members of the university and affiliated institutions and also other educational institutions, research labs and industry also on chargeable basis as mentioned in the table below. The users are to submit the requisition forms with the samples. Outstation users may contact the centre by e-mail (service.cif@pondiuni.edu.in) to reserve time slot for their use and visit with the samples on the date of appointment.

Contact Details

Office : 0413-2654433, 0413-2654434