Ph.D. Commerce

The Department offers Ph. D program in Commerce (Full-time & Part-time). The scholars are expected to undertake research work in any important areas of Commerce in consultation with faculty supervisor and produce a thesis of international quality to support policy decisions and publish research papers in internationally renowned journals. There are two modes of admission into Ph. D Program: i) Through entrance test for all eligible Post Graduate students of Commerce (as per the Prospectus) and ii) Direct admission without entrance test (as per section 2.2 of Ph. D Regulation 2018-19).

Focus Areas


of the program

Financial Management

Undertaking research on application of general management principles to financial resources of the enterprises.

Investment and Portfolio Management

Undertaking research on the short or long term strategy adopted for acquiring and disposing of financial assets and other investments. Also studying about investment mix and policy, matching investments to objectives, asset allocation and balancing risk against performance.

Derivatives and Risk Management

Analyzing the contract between two or more parties whose value is based on agreed-upon underlying financial assets like bonds, commodities, currencies, interest rates, stocks and market indexes. Also identifying the risk in advance and analyzing them and taking precautionary steps to reduce the risk.

Stock & Commodity Market

Stocks are financial products and commodities are raw products and both are tradable assets with market-established values. Researches are carried out on a variety of options to turn a profit.

Who can prefer this Course


Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Commerce with a minimum of 55% of marks. The Entrance Examination for Ph.D. Research Programme will be conducted by Pondicherry University, consisting of objective type questions at the post graduate level syllabus in the broad areas of Financial and Management Accounting,
Financial Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management
Banking, Organizational Behavior, Taxation, Insurance, Costing, Statistics, Auditing,
Legal Aspects of Business, Business Economics, Foreign Trade, Corporate Secretary-ship and Cooperation.

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