M.Sc. Mathematics

Five Year Integrated M.Sc. Mathematics: (Offered under Ramanujan School of Mathematical Sciences) The five year integrated M.Sc. programme is offered in the three branches of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, wherein, the students study equal proportion of Mathematics, Statistics and computer science courses during their first Three Years. In addition to the above set of courses, every student has to complete two compulsory courses in English, one in Environmental Science and the other in Public Administration A student has to complete a total of 120 credits in the first three years of the program. The students of the 4th and 5th years of the programme have to take the courses in the respective departments of Mathematics, Statistics and computer science. The intake of students for each subject is 25, making a total of 75 for the Integrated M.Sc. programme. M.Sc. Programme in Mathematics: (Department of Mathematics) : PhD in Mathematics

Focus Areas


of the program

Algebra and Analysis, Graph Theory and Number Theory

Commutative Algebra, Combinatorial Representation Theory, Graph Colouring Problems, Number Theory and Special Functions

Differential Equations & Numerical Methods

Recent advancement in various types of differential equations such as nonlinear equations, delay differential Equations, fractional differential equations and their numerical solutions using advanced and latest numerical techniques such as Homotopy, Spectral are of interest.

Hydrodynamic stability of Laminar Flows

Hydrodynamic stability analysis of Laminar Flows, homogeneous shear flows, Stratified flows, Channel flows

Fuzzy Mathematcial Analysis

The topics Fuzzy Mathematical Analysis - Fuzzy Relation Equation, Fuzzy Equivalence Relations, Fuzzy Control, Fuzzy Clustering. High Dimensional Data Analysis, Medical diagnosis, hand written character recognition, Machine intelligence, weather forecasting etc.

Who can prefer this Course


Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics with a minimum of 55% of marks
Syllabus for M.Sc. Mathematics: 100 Questions in Mathematics in the fields of Algebra, Analysis, Topology, Differential Equations, Basic Statistics, graph theory and other topics taught in B.Sc. level mathematics

Program Structure

Current Curriculum

Year of Revision : 2017

Previous Curriculum

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