M.Sc. Computer Science

The M.Sc programme enables a student to explore the science perspective of the computer science discipline viz. the science behind i) computers ii) computing iii) the fundamental sciences of computing viz. data structures & algorithms, operating systems, DBMS, etc. iv) contemporary computer science topics including Cyber Security, AI and Human Computer Interaction and many more. This programme, while attributing software development skills – also orients a student towards taking up further research studies in advanced computer science topics. Thus, it enables a student to be a competent individual performer who could be successful in either in academia, industry, research or in all.

Focus Areas


of the program


Cybersecurity has much of mathematical science, technology and protocols which constitute for the domain knowledge which are very essential to build secure applications, websites, databases, etc. This focus area delves into the competency development in the above.

Human Computer Interaction

Human Computer Interaction is designed to impart the design and development of sophisticated form of interaction for application systems that has to cater to varied forms of interaction requirements.

Artificial Intelligence

Simple automated systems in every domain are phasing out and being replaced by robotic process automation systems and intelligent systems which are capable of smart behaviour. Developing such systems requires acquaintance with the machine learning, deep learning, cloud computing models and its programming pragmatics etc. Hence, this focus area intends to provide the necessary skill set in the above said competencies.

Who can prefer this Course


General Arithmetic, Data Structures and Algorithms, Digital Logic and Computer Organization, Operating Systems, System Software, Microprocessors, SAD, DBMS, Automata Theory, Programming Languages (C & C++) and Recent Trends in Computer Science related domains.Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/ Computer Applications/ Information Technology OR any other equivalent course with a minimum of 55% of marks. Admission to M.Sc. programme is based on the performance in the Entrance Examination. The entrance examination is of objective type. The question paper will consist of 100 questions which will be from the following areas. 
Data Structures, Algorithms, Digital Logic, Computer Organization, Operating Systems
System Software, Software Engineering, Computer Networks, Web Technology
DBMS, Programming Languages (C & C++) and Recent Trends in Computer Science related domains.

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Year of Revision : 2020
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