M.Sc. Chemistry (5 years Integrated Programme)

The program offers a right proportion of a combination of theory and practical based courses. Theory courses are offered at three levels spread over ten semesters. Classroom attendance, interaction with peers, faculty, problem solving approach and integration with online learning management system are features of the program. This five-year program covers basic, foundation and advanced courses with special focus on pure chemistry such as: Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physical Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Research Chemistry, Identification and Analysis of Organic compounds, Spectroscopy of Organic Compounds and Synthesis of Organic Compounds. Components such as summer internship, seminar participation, project and comprehensive viva are opportunities offered to students to get wide-ranging experiences in research and develop much needed career skills. Courses offered at first three levels in six semesters are basic in nature, introducing the principles of chemistry. The course content and pedagogy are analytical to facilitate recognition of patterns in chemistry concepts and their connections. Courses offered at 4th level in two semesters are aimed at laying a strong foundation in professional chemistry education. Organization of course contents and pedagogy are aimed at developing a comprehensive knowledge in chemistry in a unified format going beyond the boundaries of chemistry subdomains like organic, inorganic etc. and facilitates the students to navigate smoothly towards advanced level courses in any specialized chemistry or related interdisciplinary or cross-discipline domains.

Focus Areas


of the program

General Chemistry

For students interested in pursuing academic career and have strong research interests in pursuing research program. Students will obtain a strong foundation in chemistry principles relevant to synthesis, mechanism and analysis. Students will register major credits from chemistry courses

Chemical Biology

For students with a strong interest in applying the principles of chemistry to the molecular foundations of biology. For first six semester, students register foundation chemistry, physics courses followed by advanced courses in organic chemistry and courses from Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Bioinformatics

Chemical Physics

For students with interests at the interface of chemistry and physics. This is strongly recommended for those students wishing to pursue research studies in this area since it is specially designed to provide a strong foundation for this focus area.

Chemical Synthesis

For students with a strong interest in synthetic chemistry and its use in the design and synthesis of novel molecules (including pharmaceuticals and natural products) and catalysts. Students anticipating further studies in synthetic chemistry at the research level should strongly consider registering courses related to organic and organometallic chemistry.

Who can prefer this Course


Minimum Qualification: 10+2 school completion certificate from any central/state board with Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry as main papers. Admission procedure: The admission to this program is through a common entrance examination with the question paper having 100 multiple choice questions, out of which 20 questions are from English at +2 level and Test of Reasoning and the remaining 80 questions are distributed among Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics at +2 level.

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Year of Revision : 2019
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