M.P.A. Drama and Theatre Arts

It is a Post graduation programme having 45 % of Theories and 55% of Practical. Theories are mainly on drama of the Western , Indian Classical and Modern Indian and also covering History of Theatre of the West and the East ,in particular Indian. In this two years course all the elements of Theatre Arts ; Acting, Direction and the stage crafts ( Make-up, Costume, Set and Properties, Lighting and Theatre Music) ; are to be covered and the final semester is focused on Dissertation and Students’ Play production. During the course in the Third Semester , there is an invited theatre expert will directs a play for the Students.There will be a study tour to visit a traditional Theatre performance in a village of Tamilnadu/Puducherry. There will be special lectures and workshops from invited theatre experts of Indian and Foreign. As a part of the programme workshops for Traditional Acting, Mime , Folk dance and Acting methods will be conducted with respective field experts . As a part of the course, Theatre in Education ,there will be some interaction sessions with school children in the Final Semester. Students’ practices on individual as well as group performances are always encouraged by the department apart from regular timings of the classes with prior permission. The ultimate focus on the programme is , doing a play production individually with the integrated knowledge of all elements of Drama and Theatre Arts which has been learnt through various courses. Thus this two year PG Programme is not only informative, Experiential but also Exploratory towards setting a goal in both Life and Profession.

Focus Areas


of the program

Drama and Theatre - History of World Theatre

Elements of Drama , Textual analysis , Play wrights and their styles, Poetics and Natyasastra , Various Isms involved in the History and styles of play writings and play productions, Western and Eastern history of Theatre and its impact on people ; from the origin of Theatre to contemporary experiments.

Acting: Traditional acting and Acting Methods

Traditional method of acting is always connected well with roots of expressions of an actor . The Physical and voice movements involved rhythm in Traditional Theatre acting helps to get the basics of Actor and Acting. Then the various methods and styles of acting helps an actor to develop his /her sense of acting in an advanced level.

Direction and Play Production

Theories of direction, play analysis for direction and play Production process are taught in the classes and two play productions will be conducted for the students to understand and experience the process of Play Production with course teacher and a theatre expert.

Technical side of the Theatre - Stage Craft

Practical classes on Stage Craft of Off Stage techniques like; Make-Up and Costume Design, Set and Properties Design, Lighting Design and Theatre music are taught in Theatre Studios for the students to learn , understand and experience the process.

Who can prefer this Course


History of world Theatre, Indian theatre, Traditional dance, theatre and art forms of India, General knowledge, Environmental science. Great Personalities in Music,Dance and Theatre. Bachelor’s degree in any discipline with a minimum of 50 % of marks

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