M.C.A. Master of Computer Applications

The exorbitant growth and pervasive permeation of IT automation systems in the various domains viz. Business, E-Governance, Finance, Healthcare, Transportation, Education, etc. demands competent human resource who can be a value addition to the workforce of software engineers who develop these systems. In order to be able to develop modern day automation systems, these software engineers require competency in the fundamental computer science courses viz. data structures, algorithms, operating systems, DBMS, Web Technology, etc and competency in contemporary IT courses viz. Machine Learning, IoT, Cloud Computing, etc. Thus, the MCA programme is handcrafted to attribute such unique skill set to the course graduates to foster them as successful software engineers.

Focus Areas


of the program

Data Analytics

Data is the new oil of this century and gaining insights into this data which may be available in structured or unstructured form using data mining, data analytics, etc. requires the corresponding skill set to be able to fetch the non-cognizant inference from the data. This inference is very much required to enable effective decision making by executives. The courses in this specialization are specifically designed to cater to these requirements.

Artificial Intelligence

The automated systems in the various domains have evolved from simple programming based systems to AI programming based systems that could take intelligent decisions based on the training model and the current input data presented to the system. This focus area helps to inculcate such specialized skill set for a graduate to be able to develop such intelligent systems.

Network Computing

Modern applications run across multiple machines either in a parallel and distributed systems fashion or as an n-tier client server system fashion. Hence, it is important that an MCA graduate is attributed with the knowledge of network computing phenomena to be able to develop such systems and this focus area is intended to achieve this.

Who can prefer this Course


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications/ Computer Science/ Information Technology OR Bachelor’s degree in Commerce/ Corporate Secretaryship/ Economics / Business Administration with Mathematics/ Business Mathematics / Statistics with Computer Applications as one of the subjects OR Bachelor’s degree in Science with Mathematics/  statistics as one of the subjects with a minimum of 55% marks. Admission to MCA course is based on the performance in the Entrance Examination. The entrance examination is of objective type. The question paper will consist of 80 questions from the following topics and 20 questions will be from English and test of reasoning.
Logical Reasoning, Mathematical Aptitude
General awareness in Computer Science related domains
Programming Language(C)

Current Curriculum

Year of Revision : 2020
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