Presently, there are 17 hostels in the campus, 11 for men, 5 for women students/research scholars and 1 for foreign students. The hostel administration is headed by the Chief Warden and his team of wardens and its office is located in the Maulana Azad Hostel.

  • Currently, the total  occupancy capacity  in all the hostels is  1500 residents
  • SC/ST students and all women  students are exempted from payment of room rent
  • Differently-abled students are provided free accommodation and food
  • Two more hostels exclusively for research scholars – one for men and another for women shall be  added shortly
  • Seperate hostels for Men and Women are available at PG Centre,Karaikal
  • Limited hostel facilities are available at Port Blair Centre of the University

Students from distant places will be given preference on first come first served basis.

Hostel admission, fees and discipline admission to the hostels will be subject to the recommendations of the concerned Head of the Department, the approval of the Chief Warden, and subject to availability of rooms.

Hostel Fees:

The caution deposit of Rs.3000/- (for Indian nationals) and Rs.6000/- (for foreign nationals) is to be paid while joining the hostel. This will be refunded after vacating the hostel by means of account transfer/account payee cheque subject to surrender of original challan, after deducting dues if any. Open cheque will not be issued under any circumstances. Therefore students must necessarily open bank account.

The rent is to be paid every year during the beginning of the Academic year in June/July as follows:

1, PG and M.Phil student (Room Rent for 10 months) : Rs.900/- p.a

2. Ph.D (Room Rent for 10 months) : Rs.1800/-p.a

3. General Amenities Fund : Rs.500/-p.a

4. Establishment Charges : Rs.300/- p.a

5. Application Fees (at the time of admission only) : Rs.25/-

No room rent is charged from girl students and SC/ ST boy students (copy of community certificate duly attested by a Gazetted Officer to be produced). However they have to pay all other fees like application for admission, general amenities fund, establishment charges, Caution Deposit, mess fees, etc. Hostel accommodation for M.Phil. students and Ph.D. students are 15 months and 4 years respectively from the date of admission / occupation of hostel rooms. They cannot stay in the hostel beyond this period even if they have not submitted their theses or not completed the viva.

Duration of Stay

M.Phil    –  15 months of stay from the date of admission to the hostel.
Ph.D      –  4 years from the date of admission to the hostel.

Note: Except Research Scholars, all students must vacate the hostel during summer vacation. Disciplinary action will be taken against those hostellers who do not pay their dues on time. Students must obtain No Dues certificate for Mess & Room Rent from hostel office before writing semester exams producing challans for payment of Hostel dues. Those who are availing Bank Loan must keep their original challans for caution deposit for claiming refund while vacating hostel, and photo copies for other challans with Bank seal.

Students who are admitted to the hostels are provided food in the mess. All the messes, except the research scholars, have been outsourced. The hostel messes are run by experienced and qualified caterers. The messes offer meals at moderate rates.

Mess Fees
Mess fees The mess fee is to be paid in two instalments in a year – June and January as follows: The present rates for boys are Rs.8100/- (June) and Rs. 5400/- (January) and for Girls Rs. 7200/- and Rs. 4800/- respectively. These rates are likely to be increased. Exact rates will be intimated at the time of admission.

All communication from the inmates to the University authorities shall be routed through the proper channel, i.e. through the wardens of the respective hostels and Chief warden. Any subversive activity, misdemeanor, obnoxious behavior, flouting of Hostel Rules & Regulation, misconduct, disobedience, ragging, failure to clear dues, etc. shall be severely punished, and even result in dismissal from the hostel by the University, whose interpretation of the rules shall be final.

General Facilities

The University Health Centre offers medical facilities round the clock to the students residing in the hostels. For the mobility of the students from Hostels to Departments, Library, Computer Center, etc., bus facility is provided within the campus for every half-an-hour during working days. In addition to University buses and vans, battery operated vehicles and bicycles are also plying in the campus free of cost throughout the day covering all hostels to enable the students to visit departments, library, lab etc. Wifi connectivity is also provided to all hostels to enable the students to have 24 hours internet access.

University Hostel Rules & Regulations

Chief Warden (Men)Dr. S. Sudalai Muthu26548869443212314
Chief Warden (Women)Dr. P.T.V. Lakshmi26549479486383094
Section OfficerShri. P. Mourougappane26548869486521338
Hostel Office (Men) 2654634 
Hostel Office (Women) 2654292 
Hostel NameWarden NameIntercomTel.NoMobile No.
1C.V.Raman HostelDr. C. Satheesh Kumar97226549729444722061
2Subramania Bharathiar HostelDr.M. Suresh Kumar58326545839486267366
3Bharathidasan HostelDr. Subhadip Bhadra9994653394
4Tagore HostelDr.R. Vijayakumar61626546169943539330
5Kamban HostelMr.  Anil Pradeep Giri77826547787200526855
6Ilangoadigal HostelDr.P.B. Shankar Narayanan96026549609789107917
7Valmiki HostelDr. P.S.  Velmurugan69526546959944115566
8Kannadasan HostelDr. Pradeep Kumar Parida38726543879442035046
9Kabirdas HostelDr. A.  Ramesh Naidu63226546327598481419
10Dr.Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan
Dr.  Rajesh Gururaj Kundargi76726547679443727908
11Academic Staff College HostelDr.  Ajeet Jaiswal76626547669791201427
12Kalidas HostelDr. Santhosh Mathew75426547549487982282
13Maulana Abul Kalam Azad HostelMr. Mangkhollen Singhson80926548099442106179
14Foreigh Student’s HostelShri. M. Rejoyson Thangal69126546919042791943
15Hostels (Section Officer)634
16Yamuna HostelDr. Manisha Kumari8056462485
17Cauvery HostelDR. Rekha R.V81026548109443133141
18Saraswathy HostelDr. Syeda Noor Fathima70426547049655486156
19Ganga HostelDr. Sabiah71026547109626815299
20Kalpana  Chawla HostelDr. Sudesh pundir66826546689443212530
21Madame Curie HostelDr. Valerie dkhar76526557658940739628
22Mother Teresa Mega Mess
23Karaikal Centre (Boys – I)Dr.S. Amilan
24Karaikal Centre (Boys – II)Dr.S.A. Senthil Kumar
25Karaikal Centre (Women)Dr. Sheena
26Port Blair (Ladies)Dr. Gadi Padmavati


SI.NO.Name of  HostelNo.of RoomsOccupancy
 Hostels for Men
1.Pavendar Bharathidasan Hostel6262
2.Subramania Bharathi Hostel6262
3.Kamban Hostel63126
4.Tagore Hostel63126
5.Kalidas Hostel4590
6.Ilango Adigal Hostel4896
7.Valmiki Hostel74148
8.Kannadasan Hostel74148
9.Kabirdass Hostel74 219
10.Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Hostel74 209
11.Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan Hostel74190
12.Foreign Students’ Hostel1632
Hostels for Women
13.Cauveri Hostel77154
14.Ganga Hostel4896
15.Saraswathi Hostel3636
16.Yamuna Hostel4794
17.Kalpana Chawla Hostel74226
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