Dr. Rajesh Gururaj Kundargi

Research Area

As an Anthropologist, my basic specialization is in the fields of Medical Anthropology and Anthropological Research Methods. I have more than ten years of teaching and research experience in the areas of Reproductive Health and Gender Studies. My research has focused on ascertaining the basic patterns of cultural behaviour that shape the decision making process during successive events of reproductive life cycle in both women and men. I have been adopting an ethnography based qualitative research approach to study the research problems. I intend to bring about a plausible improvement in the lives of people by conducting evidence based research, and engaging in research informed practice and policy making.

  • Assistant Professor



Research Guidance
0 years
Teaching Experience

Notable Publications

"Kundargi, Rajesh Gururaj. 2019.”New Reproductive Technologies, Subjective Women’s Experiences and the Discourse on Modernity in Rural South India”. Published in the Journal, Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research (International Open Access Journal) ISSN No. 2349-5162. Vol. 6. Issue 5. Page 274-282."

"Kundargi, Rajesh Gururaj. 2018.”Situating Western Biomedicine and Indian Ayurveda within the Contemporary Discourse on Institutional Healthcare in India”. Published in the Journal, Voice of Intellectual Man (An International Journal) ISSN No. 2231-6914. Vol. 8. No. 1. Page 75-92."

"Kundargi, Rajesh Gururaj. 2017.”The Changing Role of Maternal Food Habits and its Impact on Institutionalized Reproductive Healthcare in Rural South India”. Published in the book entitled “Anthropology of Traditional Indian Food”. Published by Aayu Publications: New Delhi. ISBN: 978-93-85161-40-7.Page 126-141."

"Kundargi, Rajesh Gururaj. 2016. “Medicalization and Systemic Exclusion of Women’s Reproductive Health”. Published in the Book, Dimensions of Health: Divergent World Views and Convergent Concerns. New Royal Book Company, Lucknow, India. ISSN No. 2347 – 5021. Page 23-29."

"Kundargi, Rajesh Gururaj. 2016. “Reforming the Contemporary Education System of India: An Anthropological Perspective”. Published in the Journal The Oriental Anthropologist, Prints Publications Private Limited, India. ISSN No. 2347 – 5021. Page 23-29."

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