Dr. Vishal Singh

Research Area

Dr. Vishal Singh, Assistant Professor at Pondicherry University’s Department of Physical Education, Pondicherry, kalapet. He recently started as an Assistant Professor of Physical Education at the institution. Sports psychology is his subject of interest, and he completed his subject specialty in it while earning his master’s degree. He is also fascinated by areas such as corrective physical education, statistics, and sports training. When it comes to his sporting history, he specialized in cricket during his bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and he holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in physical education on the topic of cricket. At the university level, his highest levels of participation are in the north and west zones. He has extensive track and field experience, having competed at the state level in sprinting events. Aside from that, he competed in an open all-India squash championship. He’s also an accomplished chess, badminton, tennis, and football player.

Research Guidance
0 years
Teaching Experience

Notable Publications

Psychological Skill Training Effect On Selected Mental Skills Among Inter-Collegiate Gymnasts.

Effects Of Twelve Weeks Psychological Skill Training Program On Selected Psychological Variables Of College Aged Delhi (NCR) Males.

Body Proportion And Physique Of All India Inter Varsity Male Sprint Swimmers.

Assessment Of Selected Personality Trait Difference Of Science Students Of Five Selected Colleges.

The Sports Motivation Of Uttar Pradesh And Barodra Male Cricket Teams: A Comparative Study.

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