Dr. Vidya Sarveswaran

Research Area

Vidya Sarveswaran is an Associate Professor of English in the School of Liberal Arts at IIT Jodhpur, India. She is presently on lien in the Department of English, at Pondicherry University. Her Phd from IIT Madras focussed on an Ecocritical study of the writings of Terry Tempest Williams. She is a Fulbright Fellow from the University of Nevada, Reno (2008-2009) and a Rachel Carson Fellow (2016) from LMU Munich. Other than her degrees in Literary Studies and Mass Communication, Vidya also holds a PG Diploma in Environmental Law and Policy.
Her research and teaching focus on Environmental Humanities, Blue Humanities, Environment and Culture, Disaster Narratives, Ecocriticism and Literary Studies, and Environment and Heritage. Vidya has co-edited four books: Ecoambiguity, Community and Development: Toward a Politicized Ecocriticism (Lexington Press Maryland, 2014), Ecocriticism of the Global South books (Lexington Press, Maryland 2015), The Routledge Handbook of Ecocriticism and Environmental Communication (Routledge 2019) and The Bloomsbury Handbook to Medical Environmental Humanities (2023). She is a reviewer for the ISLE journal, (OUP), The South Asian Review (Taylor and Francis), Environmental Humanities (Duke University Press), Eocene (Cappadocian Journal of Environmental Humanities), The Trumpeter (Athabasca University Press, Canada), to name a few. An avid reader, Vidya enjoys scripting documentaries, and her (directorial) debut documentary titled Under Another Sky was released in the year 2020. Vidya loves films, quizzing, theatre, clicking street scapes, cycling into a headwind, and listening to all genres of music. She enjoys teaching and is passionate about her research on the Environment. Here is a link to her film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQZdDmC_W5w

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Notable Publications

Sarveswaran,Vidya. Under Another Sky: A Triptych in the Thar Desert .Desert Scapes in the Global South and Beyond. Routledge, New York,2023.pp165-180

Sarveswaran, Vidya. “Our Minds, Our Bodies, Our Planet. Dying to Breathe: Fear as a comorbidity in the desert. Epilogue. The Bloomsbury Handbook to the Medical Environmental Humanities. Bloomsbury: London, September 2022.pp 97-401

Paul Abhra and Vidya Sarveswaran. “Knowing Our Place: Reading Barbara Kingsolver’s Works from a Bioregional Perspective”, in the Canadian Review of American Studies, 52.2. 2022. University of Toronto Press. pp1-19.https://doi.org 10.3138/cras-2022-010

Sarveswaran, Vidya. Women, Subalterns, and Ecologies in South and Southeast Asian Women’s Fiction. By Chitra Sankaran. ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment (2023), Vol.30 Issue 1. Spring 2023.pp. 1–2.https://doi.org 10.1093/isle/isac079

Paul Abhra and Vidya Sarveswaran. “Making Connections: Reading Barbara Kingsolver’s Works from an Ecofeminist Partnership Ethics Perspective” European Journal of American Studies