Dr. V. Prasanna Venkatesan

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prasanna.btm@pondiuni.edu.in, prasanna_v@yahoo.com

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Notable Publications

A genetic bankrupt ratio analysis tool using a genetic algorithm to identify influencing financial ratios, TM Lakshmi, A Martin, V Prasanna Venkatesan, IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, 20(1), 38-51, 2015.

"ARMMS-Architecture Reference Model for Multilingual Software., V Prasanna Venkatesan, S Kuppuswami, J. Convergence Inf. Technol., 3(2), 74-81, 2008"

"A study and estimation of different distance measures in generalized fuzzy TOPSIS to improve ranking order: an application of fuzzy TOPSIS on banking business M Aruldoss, ML Travis, PV Venkatasamy - Advanced Fuzzy Logic Approaches in Engineering Science, IGI Global, 207-236, 2019"

Balasubramanian, S. & Venkatesan, V. & Annadurai, P.. (2007). Trust Based Clustering for Key Management Scheme in ad hoc network (TBCKMS). International Journal of Computer Research. 15(1), 2007.

"An information delivery model for banking business, A Martin, TM Lakshmi, V Prasanna Venkatesan, International Journal of Information Management, Elsevier, 34(2), 139-150, 2014"