Dr. Subhadip Bhadra

Research Area

I am a structural geologist and metamorphic petrologist in the Department of Earth Sciences. My research interests lie in augmenting and understanding convergent plate margins processes. I am engaged in studying intricate feedback relationship of thermo-tectonic processes from the archive of naturally deformed and metamorphosed rocks, exposed along ancient plate boundaries, using a combination of macro-to-micro-scale fabric analyses and theoretical modeling. An intriguing component of my research is to evaluate and reconcile the impact of crustal accretionary processes in controlling crustal rheology that significantly control temporal – spatial architecture of the continents and secular change in climate.

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Notable Publications

"S Bhadra, S Gupta, M Banerjee (2004). Structural evolution across the Eastern Ghats Mobile Belt–Bastar craton boundary, India: hot over cold thrusting in an ancient collision zone. Journal of Structural Geology 26 (2), 233-245"

"S Bhadra, A Bhattacharya (2007). The barometer tremolite+ tschermakite+ 2 albite= 2 pargasite+ 8 quartz: Constraints from experimental data at unit silica activity, with application to garnet-free natural assemblages. American Mineralogist 92 (4), 491-502."

"S Bhadra, S Das, A Bhattacharya (2007). Shear zone-hosted migmatites (Eastern India): the role of dynamic melting in the generation of REE-depleted felsic melts, and implications for disequilibrium melting. Journal of Petrology 48 (3), 435-457."

"S Bhadra, S Gupta (2015). Reworking of a basement–cover interface during Terrane Boundary shearing: An example from the Khariar basin, Bastar craton, India In Mukherjee, S. and Mulchrone, K.F. (eds) Ductile Shear Zones: From Micro‐to Macro‐scales. Wiley-Blackwell. 164-181"

"S Bhadra, P Nasipuri (2017). Tectonothermal evolution of a garnet-bearing quartzofeldspathic gneiss from the Moyar shear zone, south India and its bearing on the Neoarchean accretionary tectonics. Lithos 274, 1-18."