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Dr. S. Sivasankari, awarded doctoral degree by the University of Madras, Chennai [2011] in Microbiology-Energy and the recipient of a “Young Scientist” fellowship award for the project intended to develop “Women Empowerment ”, DST, New Delhi [2008-2010]. Her experience in various scientific roles includes at the Department of Biotechnology at IITM, Chennai, and collaborating on a bioenergy project with the US [2012-2015], the recipient of Women PDF from the Department of Biotechnology, IITM and UGC Women PDF award for 5 years [2015-2021] from the Department of Microbiology, Pondicherry University. Awarded an international travel fellowship in 2016 under Japan Science and Technology’s Sakura Science Plan at Miyazaki University, Japan. As an experienced microbiologist with the ability to understand, analyze various aspects of biomass-biotechnology, expertise in relating to its synthesis and characterization studies. This is evidenced from hyper-reviewed journal publications, citations with cumulative impact factor of 41.55. Additionally, 4 Indian patents have been granted on bioenergy [298041, 278966, 278962, 272774] and the latest on pipeline [2020].  Depositor of various genes in NCBI (US), yeast, fungi strains in MTCC (India) and in the UK’s NCYC. Expert in Renewable Energy of Microbes, Biocatalysts, Sustainable Bioresources, Biomass Conversion, Hybridized microbes, Hybridized bioreactors, Computational Cell Factories, value addition to biomass with focus on environment care, conservation, and recycling of natural resources. Experienced as a programme organizer, convener, editor, and reviewer for high-profile bioenergy journals. Active member of numerous scientific associations and industries

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sivasankari.get@pondiuni.edu.in, siva.etoh@gmail.com

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