Dr. S. Sivaprakasam


Department of Physics

Research Area

After graduating from University of Hyderabad, my post-doctoral research was in the field of experimental quantum electronics at Bangor University, UK. This research had its first reporting of synchronization, inverse synchronization, cascading and anticipating synchronization using various combinations of two or mode chaotic diode lasers. The combinatory work of the team was recognized by a Parliamentary in the year 2000 (SET – 2000) by the House of Commons, London. The field of chaos synchronization forms the basis for secure optical communication, which is seen as the natural successor for existing electronic encryption of information.


Research Guidance

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Teaching Experience





Notable Publications

"Observation of additional delayed-time in chaos synchronization of unidirectionally coupled VCSELs, by Elumalai Jayaprasath, Zheng-Mao Wu, S. Sivaprakasam, and Guang- Qiong Xia., Journal : Chaos (American Inst. of Physics), Vol. 28, issue : 12, art. no. 123103, (2018)"

"Accumulation of intra-cavity propagation delay in synchronized cascaded chaotic semiconductor lasers, by Jayaprasath, E., Sivaprakasam, S. Journal : IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, Vo. 49, issue – 12, pp. 1026- 1033, (2013)."

"Experimental demonstration of anticipating synchronization in chaotic semiconductor lasers with optical feedback Authors: Sivaprakasam, S., Shahverdiev, E.M., Spencer, P.S., Shore, K.A. Journal : Physical Review Letters, Vol. 87, issue -15, art. no. 154101, pp. 154101/1-3, (2001)."

"Demonstration of optical synchronization of chaotic external-cavity laser diodes Authors : Sivaprakasam, S., Shore, K.A. Journal : Optics Letters, Vol – 24, issue - 7, pp. 466-468, (1999)."

"Demonstration of negative hysteresis in an injection-locked diode laser Authors :S. Sivaprakasam, D. Narayana Rao, Ranjit Singh Pandher, Journal : Optics Communications, Vol. 176, issue - 1, pp. 191-194, (2000)."

Awards & Achievements​

Co-Recipient of Science, Engineering, Technology Award (SET-2000) awarded by House of Commons, ( Parliament), London.
Certificate of Merit for teaching, Pondicherry University, in the years : 2010, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

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