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I have been working in this institution for the past 18 years. Academically, I have benefited very much through my senior colleagues: Prof. V.C. Thomas and Late Prof. Srinivas. Under my guidance so far 3 post-doctrinal fellows,12 PH.D Scholars,10 M.PHIL scholars successfully finished. In addition to this 18 Post Graduate students completed their projects. Every semester more than 60 students are benefited through offering my papers. I have been serving as member in Indian philosophical congress, IQAC, Pondicherry university, and chairman board of studies,Governing body member, affiliated colleges, chairman board of studies and examinations, Ethics committee member for Siddha regional research institute, Ministry of AYUSH Government of India,Mahatma Gandhi medical college and research institute. I wish to extend my services committedly in future also.

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Notable Publications

An article titled "The political philosophy of Swami Vivekananda''is published in the edited volume Understanding Swami Vivekananda in the 21st century,2019.''ISBN: 978-93-5321-027-5,p79-83.

An article titled '' Challenges in contemporary higher education '' is published in the International multidisciplinary quarterly research journal, Aurangabad 2019, ISSN: 2277-5730,p.117-120.

An article titled '' Sri Aurobindo's Interpretation of human cycle '' is publised in the edited book understanding Aurobindo 2018. ISBN:978-93-5321-800-3,p 95-99.

An article titled '' Contribution of Vinoba Bhave in the Post- Indepent India '' published in the edited volume by DR. Vishal Victorious publishers, New Dehli ,2017. ISBN:978-93-84224-35-6, p 139-145.

An article titled '' Ethical values in business '' is published in edited volume of business ethics, Adhyyan publishers, New Delhi, 2017. ISBN: 978-81-8435-494-2, p.1-8.

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