Dr. S. Balaji

Research Area

Basically a Geologist specialized in Disaster Management, Structural Geology and Hydrogeophysics. Worked as a Hydro-Geophysicist in Central Ground Water Board (1998-2007), Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India and since 2007 till date, works as a teaching faculty (Professor) in Disaster Management. Have professional experience as a Geophysicist of nearly a decade in Central Ground Water Board, Ministry of Water Resources and thirteen years teaching experience in Disaster Management in Pondicherry University. Recipient of National scholarship, AGID International Fellowship and Best Teacher Award of Pondicherry University. Had been to UK, France, Singapore and Thailand as part of professional visit.

Research Guidance
0 years
Teaching Experience

Notable Publications

"(2020): Goutham Krishna Teja Gunda, S. Balaji, Champati Ray P.K. , Gulam Rasool Bhat,Balakrishna and S. Kannaujiya. Geophysical Characterisation of the Active Fault Geometry and Trends in Tectonic Deformation in the Shallow Stratigraphy along Active Faults, South Andaman, India.Journal of the Geological Society of India, vol.95,pp.286-292."

"(2018):Gulam Rashool Bhat, Balaji, S, Bikram, S Bali, Vazeem Iqbal, Balakrishna. Paleoseismological Investigations along Joggers Park Fault, Port Blair, South Andaman: Implications towards delineation of blind thrusting and related crustal deformation through Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electrical Resistivity Techniques (ERT and VES). Journal of the Geological Society of India (Springer), Vol.91(1), pp.81-90, ISSN 0016-7622."

"(2017): Akilan A, S.BALAJI, Abdul Azeez, K.K and Satyanaraya. Source and Causes of 2015 Great Pluvial Flood of Chennai, Tamil Nadu and its Surroundings. Journal of Geological Survey of India. Springer.Vol.90,pp.602-08."

"(2015). Shrikant Maury and Balaji, S. Application of resistivity and GPR techniques for the characterization of the coastal litho-stratigraphy and aquifer vulnerability due to seawater intrusion. (Elsevier. International ISSN 0272-7714). Jour. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf, Volume 165, Pages 104–116."

"(2016). Akilan A, S.BALAJI, Padhy, S, Abdul Azeez, K.K and Srinivas, Y. “The Plate kinematics of Burmese micro-plate relative to its surroundings” . Arabian Journal of Geoscience, 9:333, pp.1-8. (Springer. International ISSN: 1866-7511)"

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