Dr. Regina Sharmila Dass

Research Area

I am a pure Microbiologist with over fifteen years of experience in teaching and research with Food Microbiology, Molecular/ Fungal Genetics and Mycotoxicology. I have worked in the area of mycotoxins namely Fumonisins in cereals and cereal-based feedstuffs from India. I also specialise in the identification of a wide variety of fungi with special emphasis to Fusarium and Aspergillus species, being among the first groups in India who have studied and documented different Fusarium species. Further, my interests are on Myco-nanotechnology and collaborations with other scientists to study concepts related to Martian fungi.

  • Assistant Professor



Research Guidance
0 years
Teaching Experience

Notable Publications

Lokanadhan, G., Regina Sharmila Dass and Kalagatur, N. K. Phytofabrication of Selenium nanoparticles from Emblica officinalis fruit extract and exploring its biopotential applications: Antioxidant, Antimicrobial and Biocompatibility, Frontiers in Microbiology, 2020, 10: 1-17 (Impact Factor: 4.259)

Joseph, R. G., Regina Sharmila Dass, Rizzo, V., Cantasano, N., Bianciardi, G. Evidence of life on Mars? Journal of Astrobiology and Space Science Reviews, 2019, 1: 40-81.

Regina Sharmila Dass and Mallick, R. A Concise Compilation of Diverse Detection Methods to Study Plant-Microbe Interface at the Cellular and Molecular Level: The Past, Present and Future, In Plant Microbe Interface, SPRINGER Nature Switzerland AG, 2019, ISBN No: 978-3-030-19830-5.

Sreenivasa, M. Y., Regina Sharmila Dass, Charith Raj, A. P. and Janardhana, G. R. PCR-based detection of genus Fusarium and fumonisin producing isolates from freshly harvested sorghum grains grown in Karnataka, India, Journal of Food Safety, 2008, 28: 236-247.

Regina Sharmila Dass, Sreenivasa, M. Y. and Janardhana, G. R. High incidence of Fusarium verticillioides in animal and poultry feed mixtures produced in Karnataka, India, Plant Pathology Journal, 2007, 6(2): 174-178.

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