Dr. R. Vishnu Vardhan

Research Area

I am passionate to see Statistics in both theoretical and applied perspectives. I have good experience in medical and life sciences domain in handling and visualizing the data in a meaningful way. Expertise in statistical softwares like Excel, SPSS, R.

Delivered lectures on topics like Machine Learning, Multivariate Data Analytics, Predictive Modelling etc.,

I believe in “Query Based Learning and Need Based Learning” and as a Statistician (Data Doctor), I say that, “The job of statistician is not something out of the world, but something that affects each one of us in one way or the other “.


vvardhan.sta@pondiuni.ac.in, vrstatsguru@gmail.com

Research Guidance
0 years
Teaching Expierience

Notable Publications

Sameera, G, R.Vishnu Vardhan and KVS Sarma, “Binary Classification using Multivariate Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve for Continuous Data”, Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics(2016), 26:3, 421-431

Balaswamy S, R.Vishnu Vardhan, ROC Curve Estimation using the Combination of Generalized Half Normal and Weibull Distributions, Journal of the Indian Society for Probability and Statistics(2016), pp 1-13

Sameera, G., & Vishnu Vardhan, R.(2019). Selection of markers in the framework of multivariate receiver operating characteristic curve analysis in binary classification. CSAM (Communications for Statistical Applications and Methods), 26(2), 79-89.

S. Balaswamy, R.V.Vardhan, Sameera G (2020), Improper Multivariate Receiver Operating Characteristic (iMROC) Curve, Stat., Optim. Inf. Comput., Vol. 8, 1-9

Sameera, G. and Vishnu Vardhan Rudravaram (2016), Testing the significance of crossover receiver operating characteristic curves in the presence of multiple markers. Journal of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, 2(4), 164-172.

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