Dr. R. Rukkumani

Research Area

Dr.R.Rukkumani was excellent in academics and received University Ranks throughout. Her field of research is Drug Designing. In-addition to targeted therapy, her lab focusses on finding inexpensive 3D-cultures, diagnostic platforms etc. She has published 65-International papers (h-index-23 & i10-index-46); completed 5-projects, guided 6-Ph.D students; and received 16+ awards to her credit. Rukkumani was in the Cover-page of a regional magazine. She possesses holistic experience in both academia and corporate and has worked in Novartis, Hyderabad University and Madras University. She is a sought after speaker. Rukkumani is a passionate researcher aiming to find a complete cure for various diseases.

Research Guidance
0 years
Teaching Experience

Notable Publications

"Sufi SA, Pajaniradje S, Mukherjee V, Rukkumani R*. Redox nano–architectures: Perspectives and Implications in Diagnosis and Treatment of Human Diseases, Antioxidant Redox Signalling, 2019; 30(5):762-785 I.F. 7.407 "

"Hoda M, Pajaniradje S, Shakya G, Mohankumar K, Rukkumani R*. Anti-proliferative and apoptosis-triggering potential of disulfiram and disulfiram-loaded polysorbate 80-stabilized PLGA nanoparticles on hepatocellular carcinoma Hep3B cell line. Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine, 2016: 12, 1641-1650 IF- 7.2"

"Kumaravel M, Sankar P, Subhashree S, Singh VK, Larance R, Banerjea A C, Benson C S, Mohane Coumar S, Latha P , Rukkumani R*. Apoptosis induction by an analog of curcumin (BDMC-A) in human laryngeal carcinoma cells through intrinsic and extrinsic pathways. Cellular Oncology. 2014; 37:439–454. I.F-5.00"

"Kumaravel M, Subhashree S, Sankar P, Singh VK, Larance R, Banerjea A C, Dinesh B, Mohane Coumar S, Latha P & Rukkumani R*. BDMC-A, an analog of curcumin, inhibits markers of invasion, angiogenesis, and metastasis in breast cancer cells via NF-κB pathway—A comparative study with curcumin. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, 2015; 74:178-186 IF- 3.753"

"Hairul islam VI, Saravanan S, Thirugnanasambantham K, Haneith H, Karikalan K, Durairaj S, Rukkumani R. (2015) miRNA-24 and miRNA-466i-5p controls inflammation in rat hepatocytes. Nature -Cell. Mol. Immunol 12: 113–115 IF - 8.419"

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