Dr. R. Panneerselvam

Research Area

Dr.R.Panneerselvam holds B.E.(Mech.), M.E.(Industrial Engg.) and Ph.D(Industrial Engg.) degrees from Anna University. He served as a faculty in Industrial Engg. Department of Anna University for about seven years and then joined Pondicherry University during 1987 totalling about 40 years of teaching and research. He served as the Head of Department of Management studies for three spells and Dean of the School of Management, Pondicherry University. He specializes in Operations, Quantitative Techniques, and Systems. Under his research supervision, more than 10 students have been awarded a doctoral degree in management. He has published more than 100 research articles in leading national and international journals. His H index is 15 and I10 index is 16. He has published 13 textbooks in PHI Learning Private Limited and two textbooks in Cengage. Recently he published a Tamil literature, “Elimaikkural” in PHI Learning, which he feels it as a significant contribution to Tamil literature. He carried out an overseas consultancy for CEMS, Malesia. He received several awards, in specific Best Selling Author Award from PHI Learning, Achiever Award 2016 from Anna University for its amuminus and best teacher award from Pondicherry University.

Research Guidance
0 years
Teaching Experience

Notable Publications

"Panneerselvam, R. and Balasubramanian, K.N., ""Algorithmic Grouping of Operation Sequences"", Engineering Costs and Production Economics (Presently, International Journal of Production Economics, Vol.9, pp.125-134, 1985."

Aravendan, M. and Panneerselvam, R., 2015, Development and Comparison of Hybrid Genetic Algorithms for Network Design Problem in Closed Loop Supply Chain, Intelligent Information Management, Vol.7, No.6, pp. PP. 313-338.

C. Sendil Kumar and R.Panneerselvam, 2006, “Literature Review of JIT-Kanban System”, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 32, pp.392-408 (DOI 10.1007/s00170-005-0340-2).

Panneerselvam, R. and Oudaya Sankar, C., "New Heuristics for Assembly Line Balancing Problem", International Journal of Management and Systems, Vol.9, No.1, pp.25-36, 1993.

Ellur Anand, R Panneerselvam, 2018, Development of efficient genetic algorithm for open shop scheduling problem to minimise makespan, International Journal of Advanced Operations Management, Vol. 10, No.3, pp. 199-233.

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