Dr. R. Kalaivanan

Research Area

I am a Geologist expertise in the field of Marine geology and Biogeochemistry, aimed to enhance the knowledge on climate-induced changes, especially in relation to marine environment. I in general intend to collect geochemical data from marine archives and use them to better understand global climate variability and associated environmental responses. It can then be used to reveal the period and periodicity of the major events and cause for such events that occurred in geological past.

  • Assistant Professor



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Notable Publications

Effect of Tropical Cyclone on the Distribution of Heavy Metals in the Marine Sediments off Kameshwaram Southeast Coast of India.

Geochemical assessment of heavy metals pollution in surface sediments of Vellar and Coleroon estuaries, southeast coast of India

Geochemical Variations Of Core Sediments Of Pichavaram Lagoon, South East Coast Of Tamil Nadu, India: A Provenance And Paleoenvironmental Study

Enrichment and toxicity of trace metals in near shore bottom sediments of Cuddalore, SE coast of India

Bioavailable trace metals in micro-tidal Thambraparani estuary, Gulf of Mannar, SE coast of India.

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