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Department of Green Energy Technology

Research Area

Dr. Perumal Elumalai is Professor and Head of Department of Green Energy Technology, Pondicherry University, India. He received his PhD from Indian Institute of Science Bangalore. He had his post-doctoral research at Kyushu University, Japan for more than six years. He was a recipient of a prestigious JSPS fellowship (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science fellowship). He has won special recognition award for Young Ceramist by Ceramic Society of Japan for his contribution to ceramics applications. He has authored more than 80 research papers in reputed international journals including book chapters, two Books, and holds six patents. He has won DST’s consortium grant for about Rs. 1 Cr. He has been recipient of Best Teachers Award from PU consecutively five times. He has guided five PhDs, two Post-docs and several MTech students. He has close collaboration with Mexico, Malaysia and Taiwan. Currently, his H-index is 24. His research work concentrates on batteries, supercapacitors, supercapatteries, fuel cells and emission sensors.


Research Guidance

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Notable Publications

E. Duraisamy, S. Archana, A. Prasath, P. Elumalai, High Capacity and High Stability Lithium-ion Battery using Nano Sn/SnSdecorated Carbon Leaf Anode and LiCoO2 Cathode for Consumer Electronics, Electrochimica Acta, (2020), 338, 135863.

P. Sreejith Babu and P. Elumalai, Electrochemical Tuning of Pd100-xAux Bimetallics towards Ethanol Oxidation: Effect of Induced d-band Center Shift and Oxophillicity, Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics, (2019) 21:8246-8256.

A. Prasath, M. Athika, A. Selva Sharma, V. Sankar Devi, E. Duraisamy and P. Elumalai, Carbon Quantum-Dot Anchored Bismuth Oxide Composites as Potential Electrode for Lithium-ion Battery and Supercapacitor Applications, ACS Omega, (2019) 4:4943−4954.

E. Duraisamy, P. Gurunathan, K. Ramaesha and P. Elumalai, [Co(salen)] Derived Co/Co3O4 nanoparticle @ carbon matrix as high-performance electrode for energy storage applications, Journal of Power Sources, (2017) 344:103–110.

V. Sankar Devi, M. Athika, E. Duraisamy, A. Prasath, A. Selva Sharma and P. Elumalai, CTAB-assisted Sol-gel Derived Nanostructured Spinel Cobalt Oxide for High-performance Supercapattery and Lithium-ion Battery Applications, Journal of Energy Storage, (2019), 25:100815.

Awards & Achievements​

Best Teacher Award, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019 Pondicherry University (consecutive 5 times).
National Consortium Grant, DST, 2019
A Special Recognition Award for Young Ceramist by Ceramic Society of Japan (2006)

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