Dr. Nurul Absar

Research Area

I obtained my masters and PhD degree in Geology from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh and carried out PhD research work in Geochemistry laboratories of National Geophysical Research Institute, Hyderabad as CSIR-Junior Research Fellow. Before joining academia, I worked as Scientific Officer in the Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research, Department of Atomic Energy, from 1999 to 2010. For last ten years, I am teaching various subjects in under-graduate (Igneous and Metamorphic petrology, Economic Geology) and post-graduate (Igneous Petrology, Stable isotope geochemistry) levels. I use isotope geochemistry as a tool to study Precambrian lithosphere-hydrosphere-atmosphere and ore forming processes.

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na_alig@yahoo.com, nabsar.esc@pondiuni.edu.in

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Notable Publications

Absar N., Raza M., Roy, M., Naqvi, S.M., Roy A.K. (2009)Composition and weathering conditions of Paleoproterozoic upper crust of Bundelkhand Craton, Central India: Records from geochemistry of clastic sediments of 1.9 Ga Gwalior Group. Precambrian Research, 168, pp. 313-329

Absar, N.,& Sreenivas, B. (2015). Petrology and geochemistry of greywackes of the ~1.6 Ga Middle Aravalli Supergroup, northwest India: evidence for active margin processes. International Geology Review, 57(2), pp. 134-158.

Absar, N., Nizamudheen, B.M., Augustine, S., Managave, S., Balakrishnan, S. (2016) C, O, Sr and Nd isotope systematics of carbonates of Papaghni sub-basin, Andhra Pradesh, India: Implications for genesis of carbonate-hosted stratiform uranium mineralisation and geodynamic evolution of the Cuddapah basin. Lithos, 263, pp. 88-100

Rashid, S. A, Ahmad, S., Singh S.K., Absar, N. (2018) Elemental and Sr-Nd isotopic geochemistry of Mesoproterozoic sedimentary successions from NE Lesser Himalaya, northern India: Implications for Proterozoic climate and tectonics. J. Asian Earth Sciences, 163, pp. 235–248

Exploration on consumer's perception and Buying Behavior of Health Insurance policies in Hyderabad city, International journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology(IJEAT), vol 91,Issue-1S5, 190-198, Dec 2019