Dr. N. Kubendran

Research Area

More than one and half decade, he is enjoying almost all the branches of Economics with the students in Masters in Economics, Engineering, Management, Commerce and Law using all forms of innovative teaching methods. His area of research mainly addressed the issues in Macroeconomics, International Trade Theories and Policies, Balance of Payments and related government policies in India. Due to his love and affection with Economics, he never failed to taste core economic theories and concepts which is reflected in the form of research papers. He has also qualified the National Eligibility Test for Lectureship in Economics (UGC-NET).

  • Assistant Professor



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Notable Publications

Kubendran, N. (2020) ‘Testing the Effectiveness of Johnsonian Approach Using India’s Balance of Payments’ Journal of Applied Economic Sciences, 15 1(67), 243-256. (ISSN 2393-5162).

Jigar N Gadia, Aswini Kumar Mishra and Kubendran N. (2015) ‘Trade Flows between India and other BRICS countries: An Empirical Analysis using Gravity Model’. Global Business Review 16 (1), 107–122. 

Kubendran, N, Laxmi Sowmya Rachiraju, Aswini Kumar Mishra and Aruna Bommareddy. (2014) ‘Quasi Monte Carlo Approach for Asian Options Pricing’. Asia-Pacific Journal of Management Research and Innovation 10 (1), 57 – 66. (ISSN: 2319-510X)

Shivangi Jaishwal and Kubendran, N. (2020) ‘Capital Account Liberalisation in India: Volatility of Capital Flows and Selective Policy Issues, Theoretical and Applied Economics, 28 1(626), 201-218.

Kubendran, N. (2018). Fiscal Deficit, Current Account Deficit and Capital Flows into India: An empirical investigation using Granger Causality Test, Arthshastra: Indian Journal of Economics and Research, 7 (4), 7-18.

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