Dr. N. K. Kumaresan Raja

Research Area

A Student Centric Teacher, Trainer of Civil Servants specializing in Governance and having travelled extensively to Universities in US, Europe, Scandinavia, South and South East Asia as well as having been a consultant to a South Pacific Island State

  • Professor



Research Guidance
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Notable Publications

Women in Rural Indian Households and Energy Needs: Struggle and Solace – Cultural Perspective to Reality, Article in the Edited Volume by Mogens Rudiger “The Culture of Energy”, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK (2008)

Comparing the Incomparable: Mediated Politics, Book Chapter, Religion, Politics and Media German and Indian Perspectives, Edited by Sigrid Baringhorst et al, Palm Leaf Publication: New Delhi, 2015

Fostering Social Inclusiveness through Indian Land Administrative System”, International Journal of South Asian Studies, Volume 5, Jan-July,2012

The Enigma of Land Acquisition in India, Pudu Books, India, 2016

Paddy Cultivation and Inland Water Resource Management in Madras Presidency, 2018